Real Life Meets

I was talking to my very good friend Michelle (@dh8escort) about how people come across by text, phone and social media and how they can be completely different in real life when you eventually meet them.

There’s been dozens of times we’ve been chatting on my private phone and my “Steve Phone” has rang and I’ve called her back and said Michelle I’m gonna have to go as I’ve got a client coming over and he sounds fab, to then open the door to someone resembling a vagrant. Other times I’ve not looked forward to an appointment, thinking he sounded disinterested and opened the door to a big fuck off hairy hunk who proceeded to rag me round the bed and shag me stupid.
I often wonder what the first impression is that I give out by phone. I realise I can be surly, especially with guys who want to know the far end of a fart and which way it blows or who insist on calling me from a withheld number when they know they are a real no no where escorts are concerned.  I like to think that I sound “Canny” on the phone and apart from the odd night when people get on my tits on twitter, I try to keep an upbeat presence online. I like to chitty chat during the day, in between clients and I love having a bitch over the X Factor on a Saturday and Sunday on my twitter account, with like minded tweetiefied friends who are not necessarily clients or escorts but sometimes just people who like me for me and who I like too for being themselves, they might never consider booking an escort but at least they don’t judge my lifestyle.
I worry sometimes that guys might come to my front door and I not be their type, I’m bigger than they expected, hairier than they expected, shorter than they expected, taller than they expected but I’ve been working for years and my friend Michelle is amazed at just how many regular clients return to me week after week. After working for a number of years like I have and Michelle has, the vast majority of your clients should be regulars, who come back in their own little cycle, whether it be once a week (yes I see some clients every week), every 10 days (which is very popular), every month or every 6 months.  Just last Saturday, I seen a guy I had not seen for over 3 years.  He still remembered me and still remembered just how good I was at rimming.  Your working life should then be accompanied every month by a sprinkling of new clients who have the potential of becoming regular in the future.
When the guys walk in, I usually try and place that voice with the face I had in mind. You know that the cocky blokes with the cheeky chappy chatter on the phone are going to be 30s/40s with a few kids, a couple of tattoos and a semi management job, I usually know what to expect and I am rarely wrong.  Twitter, however is an all new ball game…..
On Twitter, you’ve an idea of the personality, entirely based on the way a person projects themselves through type talk.  In the past we only really conversed with our friends we knew personally via MSN, didn’t we, and let’s face it … you’re never going to pick up clients on friends and family oriented Facebook, are you? 
I’ve seen a few guys who follow me on Twitter. I don’t tend to get the guys wanting pictures like Michelle gets, who just today told me about people following her and wanting undie pics or have their cock in their hands in their profile pictures.  I don’t seem to get that so much, but I do get to sort of work out what they’re expecting of me.  I tend to know what they like to drink if it’s a longer appointment because they’ve discussed what their tipple is at 9pm on an evening on their account, so if it’s a big appointment I can confidently take a nice bottle of red wine along as an ice breaker before he breaks me in lol. You can tell what they like, men wise, by the picture section of their twitter account, which I admit to studying intensively if I know they’re interested in seeing me, just to get a feeling for what they like to get out of an illicit liaison.  Five minutes research can make 50 minutes go along swimmingly. 
Twitter is a huge social media platform for escorts, a medium many aren’t embracing but maybe should. I’ve been on over a year and although I admit to not following advertising sites that love to follow me, I am happy to follow anyone who isn’t an egg and who will chat back and interact with me,  if you don’t interact and just sit in the background, I am sorry but I am simply not interested in having you look in through my window and peek inside when you can’t even say hello to me.  

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