Rugby Bloke

26th July 2011

In I walked

Big fuck off strapping bloke

Ran the shower and he asked me to step inside with him

Lathered up his big hands and laid them straight on my arse

Slapped my arse a good few times

Bent me over and rolled his tongue over my arse crack

Rubbed his thick cock up and down, slapping the head on my arse cheeks

Went down and took all of my cock deep down his throat

Led the way to the bedroom

Asked me to bend over and then pushed all eight inches inside

Took his time pumping my arse whilst spanking my cheeks

Was told I was a fuck whore

Asked me where I wanted the spunk

Shot it in my mouth, down my chin

Licked my chin and transferred the cum from my mouth to his

Swallowed the lot

Put his pants on, orders room service

Four Beers and a bottle of wine

Knock at the door

Cute waiter

Fantasy about threesome with the staff

Pint of beer, downed in a minute, second one on the go

Straight in the bathroom, beer takes effect

Sits me in the bath and pisses all over my chest

Showers it off

Sits on the chair in the bedroom

Me on top

Deep fucking, very slow, every inch of it inside me

Takes it out and licks out the open hole that’s just had cock up it

Fingers me

Takes the screw cap off the wine

Puts the head of the bottle of wine up my arse and deposits about 100ml of wine up my hole

Gets his tongue around my hole and takes the wine in his mouth as it seeps out

Gets his cock and fucks my wet wine filled arse crack

Shoots a massive second load

Retire to bed with wine and nibbles

Fall asleep

Wake up 7am, hand on my arse

Takes advantage of my well abused hole

Intense hard fuck

No mercy

Get dressed

Walk down to reception where his conference awaits him

Taxi home for me

Wonderful Overnight Appointment

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