Lefties Boycotting A Gay Sauna ???

Oh, you all know how I hate the leftie, quinoa chomping loony lot.  I spend a lot of time challenging them over Brexit, but a few days ago, a different loony lot decided to troll me on twitter because I dared to disagree with them.  They’re such a kind hearted accepting lot.

The argument stemmed from a group of gender neutral twitter users trying to organise some sort of action or boycott against a Gay Sauna who asked a female to male transexual to leave their premises after their patrons complained to the management.  Although I am against any form of discrimination, the men frequenting gay saunas tend to be men looking for men or trans male to female (I know of some gay saunas who do a trans night) but this was a whole different ball game.

I tweeted them back and said “If a trans turned up for an appointment with me and didn’t have a penis I would ask them to leave too. To be fair I don’t do trans even if they had a penis anyway I hate this cis shit too. You don’t want labels but insist on applying them Lunatics the whole lot of you”

Now I stand by this statement because I reserve the right to refuse to see any existing client or potential new client for whatever reason I decide upon.  The response was as expected, I was prejudiced, I was anti-transexual and I was told that I “Shouldn’t turn away anyone because of their gender identity“.  Well for a start, I have never had sex with a woman and I have no intentions of having sex with a man who used to be a woman.  I do not see cross dressers or male to female transexuals so I am hardly being prejudiced.  I don’t see guys who like pup masks or leather men either.  Does this make me a person who actively discriminates against others ?

I admit, I don’t like being discriminated against but if I walk into Aldi, I don’t expect to be shunned because I am gay but I have been asked in another well known supermarket to move to a different till because the checkout assistant will not scan alcohol because of their religious beliefs.  I shun female to male transexuals because it’s not something I can participate in, the same as cross dressers and male to female transexuals, it does absolutely nothing for me and it’s a waste of your money and my time.  I have many friends who are trans, one in particular from the Wirral who is also a sex worker but she doesn’t think any less of me because I won’t see anyone who identifies with a different gender and I have never made fun of anyone like that.

I feel that the gay sauna was right in asking this person to leave, some transexuals are very convincing and it may not have been apparent when this person checked into the venue.  What is apparent is that the PC leftie brigade are triggered at things like this but it’s not them who have to deal with the situation.

I will admit, if I take an appointment from a brand new gentleman, he arrives, undresses and alights from my bathroom wearing a Vivienne Westwood basque and Chanel boots, I am unlikely to say anything and “get on with it”.  It’s an hour of my life and I can cope with it and I will not make it known that it’s not really great experience for me but instead I will smile, be nice and let the appointment go forth, but if they asked to book again, I would most likely make an excuse.  I can’t disappoint anyone when they are already here.

When you are dealing with sex, like I do as an escort, or a gay sauna does with it’s patrons, then you have to respect their wishes and what they feel is acceptable for them.  As I said, I do have problems with discrimination but when a female to male transexual enters what is a male/male environment where the other males are looking for sexual contact with other males then I feel that common sense should come into play.  Thirty years ago there were very few gay bars about and some pubs put on a gay night once a month, many saunas do this for trans patrons and even straight openminded party nights but if it’s a gay sauna, leave it to the gay men.

This might not be what you want to hear but when it involves a sexual encounter, you have to respect the wishes of the person providing the service, whether it is me or a gay sauna.

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