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For years I have offered phone and text sex chat via Adultwork, I have never made a penny from it.  They charge escorts for everything on top of the standard service and so I have always used the awarded credits against displaying my phone number or listing my availability. I don’t mind using the money that way because I get it back in other ways by increased appointments from guys who can see that I display my number and who then make appointments from my profile on that site, rather than waste time using their notoriously slow and unreliable email service.

Last year I branched out and looked for alternative ways to take payment for private sex chat.  I obtained a licence to offer live sex chat and I also found other ways to offer what’s called “Live Call Back, where you pay in advance by credit or debit card and I call you back and initiate the conversation at my expense.  It was quite slow to begin with but over the last few months it has become somewhat of an explosion.
Most days I will receive 6 to 10 sex chat phone calls and I will maybe take 3 or 4 sex text requests a month.   I can do live chat at most times but I don’t advertise the number as a 24/7 service, it’s only available on request.  I am often escorting and entertaining gentlemen and so I can’t always offer sex chat on demand.  This way I can sort of control when the calls will be happening, I do still get on-spec calls but on the whole, most guys will let me know if they want to call me for a repeat phone chat session.
Most of the calls are just general “I am on the bed with my cock out” type calls.  Some want me to be “Sir”, others want to have a wank in the car, some men are at work, some guys are at home with the wife in the next room and many late night calls are guys sitting alone in a hotel room.  All sorts of guys ring for all sorts of reasons and some of them have resulted in appointments.
I’ve recently met a guy at a hotel in Newcastle who used to phone me via the Adultwork system.  He was quite shocked to learn that I had never pocketed any of the money from the hundreds of calls I did last year.  I explained that it’s just not worth my while because not only do they subtract a fee from every call but they all subtract more if you withdraw it.  It’s just a little jobbing, on the sideline, service that I offer and it’s more useful to be kept as credits.
I met another guy late last year from the South West.  He used my credit card live call back service quite a few times and I did a blog post about the encounter.
Sex work isn’t just shagging blokes in my home on an afternoon or in their hotel on an evening, it’s encompasses many different services that can be quite nicely placed under a sex work umbrella.  Sex work is a rich tapestry of different services by different people from different backgrounds. It’s not all about physical penetrative sex.

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