Sexy Speedos

My army Major came to visit me on Wednesday and it’s two years since I have seen him so it was good to have him back.  He had lost my number and then did a search for me online.

He loves my black speedos and to get me in the shower with them on, where he fingers my arse and then deep rims my hole under the rain shower.  He’s such a dirty bastard.

It’s onto the bed where the rimming continues.  It’s then time to fuck him, so he gets into position and as I had not been top for a while I fucked him into next week.  Quick break and a chat, about the cost of squirty cream in Asda compared to Aldi and it was back for round two.  My god could he suck for England and he loves his nipples bitten.  He wouldn’t be sad if you bit them off.

He made me cum a second time and it wooshed out all over his face.  Another quick chat about holidays, a quick shower and a Marks and Spencers bag for his wet speedos.

Filthy Man

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