Sexy Thursday

6th October 2011

Yes, I am feeling rather sexy today after my horny sessions yesterday.

Lovely session on Wednesday with one of my favourite clients, I see him almost every Wednesday, outcall to this home. He was rampant as usual. His arse seems tighter every time I fuck it.

I got back from my outcall and I knew there was an email to pick up. It had come through to my iphone but the attached file was massive and being out in the wilds of Northumberland, the signal wasn’t so great to download it so I logged into my email account via the laptop when I got home and took a look at the email and the picture. It was from a guy who fancied a tumble with me at 3pm and attached a picture of his cock. I don’t really need to see anyone’s cock in advance, I’ll do you anyway hahaha, but it was nice to take a glimpse of what I about to get. Blimey…………. it was big.

He arrived at about 3.15pm. I was expecting a big stocky bloke by the pics but he was just an average sort of size. About 5ft 10, hairyish, nice stubbly beard going on like he hadn’t shaved for two days (facial hair always makes me horny). He came in, offered the cash in advance (always a nice touch) and dropped his pants. My god….. it was massive and thick, it was at least as thick as my wrist. I am quite greedy when there’s a lot of cock because if a client has a massive cock, I most certainly want fucked with it.

I am not pushy when it comes to getting what I want but if I want big cock up my arse I know a few ways of dropping the hint, however on this occasion, no hint was required. Bent over in the dressing area of my apartment, in front of the full length mirror, he started rubbing his cock along my arse crack and I could see from the reflection how big it was and how deep it was going to go. Getting it up was an issue, it was an inch by inch affair. He had to put the head of it in, well lubed, then take it out and lube up again, put two inches in, then 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 until I got it all the way up, my god, I had to gasp as it hit as far as it could. He looked down at my pert arse and said “Fuck….all the way to the balls, you dirty fucking slut”. I think he was quite impressed.

I love bottoming for clients (taking cock up my arse), it’s quite possibly the best sensation and the horniest thing for me, I love it when they know what they are doing and the size of a cock doesn’t really make much different to the sensation. Smaller 5″ cocks can give a better fuck sometimes than 9″ and above. Pushing a 9-10″ cock inside and just fumbling about isn’t going to create any real sensations for a bottom expect making him feel a bit full, so to speak. If a guy fucks me and darts it in and out from tip to balls, whether he’s big or small, it creates more of an intense fuck than sticking it in and wobbling it about a bit. I realise though that the friction caused by fucking that way can take some men over the edge and make them cum too quickly.

Anyway….. back to my 3.15pm, well he fucked me stupid for about 15 minutes, where he watched himself in the mirror and prided himself on being a real stud. He was a real stud, he certainly stuffed me full of cock, that’s for sure. We finished off on the bed in the spoons position, watching some porn. He lay behind me with his dick, rock hard, firming lodged up my arse, whilst wanking me and kissing the back of my neck. His dick stayed rock hard for about 30 minutes inside me, with the occasional pump to keep it hard. He liked the sensation and warmth of being inside.

We finshed off with me laid on the bed and him stood over me, wanking his impressive member over my face, he spunked all over my goatee and then got his fingers and pushed the cum into my mouth.

All in all a very memorable day. First of all one of my fave clients and secondly a client I won’t forget in a hurry.

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