Should You Take Money Off A Client You Refuse To See

20th October 2011

There was a discussion on an online form, that I am member of, which debated whether you should take money off a client you refuse to see.

Personally I think you shouldn’t, however if a client turns up and decides that the appointment isn’t for him then I agree that he should pay (it’s rare they do mind, they’ve usually left their wallet in the car – tut tut) but if a client turned up at my door, had poor hygiene and was impossible to entertain then I wouldn’t dream of asking him for my fee.

Some escorts seem to think it’s acceptable to ask for their fee, possibly for their time, even thought they’ve got no intention of providing a service because of the hygiene of the client. I think that’s wrong, if I turned someone away I would never expect them to pay.

A few months back, I drove the 25 odd miles from my home to a village called Amble. When I turned up the door, the guy was as white as a sheet, I entered his property and he said “Steve I just can’t do this, there is your £100 as agreed”. Yes he gave me the money for my time but if I had walked in and the place was a tip and decided that I couldn’t bear to spend an hour of my time there, I wouldn’t expect to be paid.

Sometimes escorts get it all wrong and clients end up thinking we’re all like that. No one should be expected to see a client with poor hygiene but if they refuse the client then he shouldn’t be expected to pay.

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