So……. Who Books Escorts ?

Normally, as you know, people I chat to online (especially on Twitter) are astonished to discover that 95% of my gentlemen friends are men who identify as being straight but many also question the types of men I have to see, or “endure” as it’s been put to me on many occasions.

I don’t endure anyone………

There are certain gentlemen callers, usually on incall (where they visit me) who I would probably not wish to see again.  I can usually police that myself by keeping their number and ignoring their calls or by making excuses that I am fully booked.  On the whole, most of the men I see are professional or semi-professional  businessmen and daytime white van man types.  I see a number of disabled gentlemen and a couple of very much older men, well into pensionable age.  If someone comes along that I don’t particularly like it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t see them again, far from it.  It might just be that their hygiene isn’t great, so next time, I will ensure that I either don’t go near a certain body part or I introduce a shower into the sexy liaison time on a subsequent occasion.   They might have tried to haggle the money at the end, so I’ll ensure it’s sorted out at the beginning next time, stuff like that.

I get asked questions after questions ………….. Are they all shy gentlemen ?  They must all be in the closet ?  Surely they’re living a lie ?   Can they not meet anyone ?  Are they dangerous men ?  Do they smell ?  What if you don’t fancy them ?  How can you perform when you don’t know them ?  What would their wives think ?  Are you lonely ?  The guys who come to visit me are just people like you and me, some can afford to see me often, some can’t afford to see me as often as they’d like to, some want to see me when they have the urge to have time with another guy and some just come out of curiosity.  The types of guys I see are school teachers, solicitors, police officers, students,  firemen, engineers, executives, shop workers, office managers, white van drivers, security officers, army personnel, pensioners, basically……… they’re everyone in society.

Let’s answer some of those frequent questions.  Yes many are shy gentlemen, usually just shy and nervous at meeting me for the first time, not the goggly eyed, anorak types that hang around railway stations collecting train numbers.  None of the men I see are living a lie, most don’t identify as being bisexual never mind gay and yes they can meet people, they’re meeting me for a start, albeit on a paid, financial basis but they’re sociable enough to make a phone call and turn up at the agreed time.  Sometimes they do smell, yes but so do cyclists who turn up at my door in lycra, having cycled 10 miles to see me, it doesn’t mean they’re unkept and scruffy.  I do fancy quite a lot of my men, it makes the job easier but if I don’t fancy them then it’s no biggie, it doesn’t affect my performance or how I treat them.  As I am the bit on the side the wife never finds out about, there’s nothing for her to think about, she doesn’t know.  If someone’s wife was checking his phone or texts and finds a rogue text to Steve, it doesn’t ring as many alarm bells as it would do if it had been sent to Sammy Jo, Amelia or Roxy.   I am never in danger when doing this work.  I have met a few unpleasant men but none where physical violence was an issue.  You can encounter dangerous men working in a petrol station or Sainsburys.  It’s not unique to my job.

The one question that bugs me, asked frequently by people I chat to online, as well as by friends who know what I do for a living and even clients, is the question “Are you lonely”.  I don’t have time to be lonely.  I don’t have time to fart sometimes never mind be lonely.  The last thing on my mind at 10pm is the longing for a bloke to be in bed next to me.  I’ve just had three earlier in the day on the client bed.  I couldn’t even begin to think about sex with someone for fun, give me some Pickled Onion crisps, a glass of Chardonnay and the cats any day.  Lonely, I don’t do lonely.

So……. who books escorts – Probably you or someone you know.

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