Sorry I Have Not Posted In Months

I have just been very busy.  The first quarter of the year was my busiest first quarter on record which included a number of overnight appointments and a trip to Amsterdam.  I still get quiet days but I am busy nearly every single day of the week and some of these appointments go on for hours.

I found myself on a journey to North Yorkshire a few months ago.  Nice guy, first timer.  I explained that I wouldn’t travel that far without a deposit and a minimum appointment time of two hours.  He was very very understanding and immediately offered to send a deposit by PayPal.  I only asked for twenty pounds, with the rest paid in cash on arrival, it’s a token deposit designed to get a tiny little bit of commitment from the client.  I stopped travelling considerable distances to see new guys a long long time ago because I could get half way there and be cancelled on, worse still there has been occasions where I have turned up at the door to be told that his wife has arrived home unexpectedly and turned away.  It’s not only my wasted time but usually half a tank of wasted petrol and petrol isn’t cheap.

The guy in North Yorkshire was lovely with a gin and tonic ready on arrival and some of the best sex I have had in years.  He was top, so he wanted to be in control and do all of the fucking, I am fine with that :)

Being at home, with four cats, all day means my mind starts to wander.  I have taken on many new accountancy clients over the last few months but I didn’t feel like I was stretching myself.  A female twitter follower from London (one of my adoring married ladies that follow me) suggested that I join the Mass Observation Project at Sussex University.  It a project where I write down my thoughts and feelings, without identifying anyone and it’s stored in an archive and opened in 50 years time.  I applied to the University to become one of their official writers and didn’t think I would even be considered.  The project only enlists 500 official writers and new places become available when people leave the project.  I was contacted by them and asked to write an essay about myself, submitted it and I was accepted onto the project.  I am very proud of this achievement and it’s something I have taken seriously and I hope my contributions allow people in 2066 to understand what life was like in 2016.  I am on the project for life and so there will be plenty more to come from me in the coming years, especially if my life takes any unexpected changes in direction.  The University know that I am a sex worker and none of you are identified in the project.  It’s about me, not you.  I never identify any of you in the blog or on twitter so I am not going to change the style in which I write about my life.

I have a new kitten, yes a new baby.  I adopted her from Romania in February and she’s called Lily.  A friend of mine from Durham was helping to bring in a kitten for the friend of hers via the pet passport scheme.  She runs a cat charity and so knew how to sort out all of the paperwork.  The lady dropped out of the adoption and Lily was already on her way to England.  Payment was due on arrival so I stepped in after seeing a post about her.  Lily was 3 months old and had her back leg and hip amputated after someone ran over her on purpose.  She was rescued from the side of the street and taken to an animal hospital in Bucharest and operated on.  A few weeks later, her carer in Romania asked people on facebook if they would consider adopting her and giving her a new life abroad and four weeks later she was playing in my garden in Gosforth.  She’s adorable, she’s got some disability problems but she gets around just fine and I have had her tagged so I can find her if she goes missing a few gardens away.  She can climb up but can’t climb down very successfully so she gets herself into a few scrapes at times.  She will learn.

Having Lily has occupied my mind a lot, along with the Mass Observation Project so I went from being a little bored in between clients to having no time to myself but I prefer to be busy and hate sitting about waiting for things to happen.  Lily has also got me out of my routine of sitting in the study all day because she wants Daddy in the garden to play and watch her.  She’s a talker so she keeps calling for me to make sure I am paying attention to her.  She won’t eat cat food either because when she lived in Romania, the lady who rescued her gave Lily whatever they ate on an evening so she was used to fresh chicken and beef.  That’s a small price to pay for her happiness and she’s just the perfect little lady.  If you come to visit me you are bound to see her, she waits outside of the client room until Daddy has finished entertaining and says “Hello”.

I seem to have gained dozens and dozens of new clients, some of whom have been back to visit on multiple occasions.  A couple of clients have disappeared, most notibly an Oriental gentleman I used to see every 10 days for years and years.  He last visited me in September and has never been seen again.  I often wonder where they disappear to, especially when they booked so often. I am still seeing the lovely gentleman abroad, I have recently been abroad to see him and I am seeing him again in less than two weeks time.  Mr Darcy returned to see me after a long break and brought me an expensive bottle of gin.  I have only had a couple of them because it’s not the sort of gin you can just knock back on a sunny afternoon in the garden.

I had a little writers block over the last few months, hence why I have not blogged and nothing significant happened that I felt was worth posting about but a month of so ago I received a gift in the post from a guy.  It was an electric tin opener from my Amazon wish list and inside was a note saying that he really enjoyed my blog and twitter feed and so I felt guilty that I had let the blog slide a little in recent months.  I will try and post more often.  At least you got me back on the blog, even if it is just for an update as to what has been happening.

I post more actively on twitter, feel free to follow me there, my user name is @stevegayescort

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