Stag Trip Saturday

27th May 2012

I love guys on stag trips. It’s usually a nice easy appointment, all they want is a nice tight arse to fuck before they get off out with their seemingly heterosexual mates. I have a lovely tight hole just waiting for their straight bloke cock to fill.

What I don’t like is the 5 or 6 voice messages on a Saturday night / Sunday morning from guys coked and pissed out of their heads wanting their cock sucked. Last night was no exception with a 2 minute message from a guy telling me he was going to destroy my arse and fuck me raw without mercy then have me clean his cock up afterwards. Well he was in for a bit of a disappointment. Not only do I not allow men up my arse raw, but I don’t do toot heads at 4am either.

Earlier in the evening we had a different story. I had a guy phone me from a Jesmond hotel, they’re all a bit downmarket in Jesmond but it’s a magnet for the stag trip guys. It was an odd room which could have previously been a cleaners cupboard. The double bed was literally squashed in. He was nice though, wanted to be fucked, which I tried but he decided this was not an option when he seen my cock and instead got me to suck him, let him finger me, fuck me and I got on with my evening. My cock is quite substantial but not overly big, just a nice size for a fuck you can feel. I think he was hoping for something a bit more average. I did say though I was  7 inches and thick. I can get to 8 inches but I really have to be horny and needing arse.

The guy in Jesmond was meeting mates on the quayside after he’d finished with my arse, so being the gentleman I was, I dropped him off at the Malmaison and got myself on my way home, back in time for the Eurovision Song Contest.

I like stag trips but I prefer to do the stag trip blokes before they’re incapable of speaking.

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