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28th July 2011

Hi Steve, I was wondering if you could tell me if there are any gay sauna’s in Newcastle

Hi Steve, I know you’re a rugby built late 30’s guy but do you have any numbers of skinny 20 year olds

Hi Steve, There used to be a guy working down the Quayside who retired called Brad, do you have his number

Hi Steve, sorry to ask but do you have the number of Adam, I’ve booked with him and can’t find his number to cancel.

Hi Steve, I am wanting to get into this work, where do you recommend I advertise

Hi Steve, I might book you in a few months time, can you recommend a selection of hotels in Newcastle and mail me back with the numbers for them please, I trust your judgement because you’ve probably visited most of them.

Hi Steve, odd question but can I hire your incall place for a few hours to bring back a female escort, only a few hours on an afternoon next week and I’d pay good money to use your place.

Hi Steve, I am actually in Aberdeen tonight, don’t suppose you know which profiles up here are genuine

Just a small selection of questions asked to me via Adultwork and Gayswap in the last 6 months.  Most of them I don’t bother with.  I am quite happy to help if it results in an appointment but I am not the Tourist Information Centre.  Work is competitive enough without telling everyone else where I advertise, no one ever told me and as for hotels, there is an excellent site called Tripadvisor LOL.   I don’t have a clue which local profiles are genuine, you’ve no chance of me knowing in Aberdeen.  Checking who has logged in most recently is usually a good indicator that they’re active and use their profile every day.

The one asking to hire my place was actually from a client I seen a long time ago, when I had a different apartment.  He’s never booked since and I don’t want two relevant strangers in my new home, especially as he’s never visited it.  Hats off to him for asking though.  I do give out numbers for other escorts if I am not working that night or fully booked and it’s a guy in a hotel, for example, looking for company that evening but your local pizza shop is never going to give you a competitors number when you phone for a delivery. Even if I’d had a retired escorts number I wouldn’t give it out, there’s probably a reason why he’s retired and wants left alone.  I am sure everyone else gets these bizarre emails too, not just poor old me.

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