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I must apologise about not keeping the blog up to date and for completely removing it over the summer.  I had a little problem on my hands which involved hospitalisation, a peculiar disease and reconstructive open heart surgery.  Yes, nothing is simple in my life.

I will cover all of that in another post in a few days time.

My disease is called Endocarditis and you can’t catch it from me.  Only 4 in 100,000 people are susceptible to it and I happen to be one of them.  After many months away, I decided last week that I would return, albeit temporarily (until my next operation in November).  I have a massive scar down my chest, in pain at times but I generally look good.  I have lost two stone but my hair went a salt and pepper grey after four weeks of intensive combination drug therapy and an eight hour operation and further two week stay in hospital.  My hair, which has been curly since birth has turned straight  ………. much like most of my clients.

I put an announcement on a few websites to say that I was planning a return this weekend.  I only wish to see two or three clients a week and only gentlemen that I have seen before.  It’s a daunting experience for me and I need you to be aware that my scar is a no go area as it’s still healing and my sternum bone underneath was split in two to gain access to my heart.  This will take months of healing and I am not allowed to drive either because of the heart attack and the associated drugs that I have to take four times a day.

Anyway …….. I put a few adverts online and hoped for the best.  The next day (Saturday) I got a phone call from a regular gentleman who lives a few miles away.  I normally visit him but he had read my details online and understood that a visit to him was off the cards for now and so elected to visit me on Saturday afternoon.

It was a very easy going, no fuss, no pressure appointment which built up my confidence and he was kind, considerate but still as horny as ever.  He was also very interested in what had happened to me as I had visited him regularly and then suddenly I disappeared.

Thank you to him for his patience, for being my “return to work virgin” and for getting me back in the saddle, so to speak.

Oh and he even brought me some liquid refreshment for afterwards.  How lovely.


>>>>> Liquid Refreshment 

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