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24th July 2012

 It’s rare that I see men who identify themselves as gay so when two blokes ring me up for an appointment I always ask whether they are a gay couple.  Usually they’re not, they’re just two open minded men who fancy getting another bloke to suck them off.  One such appointment happened yesterday.  A guy I had seen a year or so ago was in town with a colleague and he had some porn on his laptop, so after a few drinks, they put on the porn and both had a wank over it.  Nothing else was said, they didn’t touch each other but both “shared a moment” over the porn. However the colleague said a fantasy of his was to watch another bloke getting a blow job off a guy.  He wasn’t gay or even bisexual but with the emphasis on cock in most porn films he said it was something he wouldn’t mind trying sometime.   He said he’d seen it once at a swinging club and often wondered what it was like in reality.

This fantasy was on both of their minds all day, so at 6pm last night, a guy, someone I had seen before, a year or so ago asked if I would come to their hotel in Durham and give him a blow job whilst his friend watched.  Yes …… that’s not a problem.

I arrived on time, went to the room where both guys were waiting, rather awkwardly, one sat on the edge of the bed whilst the colleague sat in the chair and watched as I pulled down his friends trousers and proceeded to give him deep throat.    He wanked for a little over it, then holding the back of my head, he proceeded to push me down on his friend’s cock, getting the shaft deeper and deeper down my throat.

I knew he wouldn’t be shy for long and standing to the side he beckoned me to suck his cock too.  He was nicely shaven down below and had quite a nice girth.  I put his cock right down my throat and he let out such a gasp, telling me how fucking wonderful it felt.  You could tell he was extremely excited and didn’t want to cum quickly, so I pulled off his cock and went back to the other guy.    ”Can you take it in both holes” his colleague said.  ”Oh yes, I can take a cock in each end no problem”.  Within a few seconds, the first guy was sat on the pillows, I was on all fours and his colleague was up my arse.  This shy heterosexual was certainly into arse fucking, that I can tell you, he fucked me balls deep whilst I was balls deep down my throat with his friend.  The colleague then said to his friend “Come and get some of this arse”, at which point he jumped off the bed and they took turns to tag my arse, each one with about 7 or 8 thrusts then swap, another 7 or 8 thrusts, just enough not to tip either bloke over the edge, and then swap again.

I knew it wasn’t going to be long before either of them needed to cum so I asked them both to tell me when they were near so they could finish off in my mouth.  Both of them had one final ride, then I slid onto the floor in front of them and both of them wanked off into my mouth.  My face was covered in wads of cum from two very horny 50 something men and I went back and cleaned up both cocks until there wasn’t a drop left.

Both spent, they thanked me for coming along and planned on a drink in the bar downstairs, they extended an invite to join them but it was only 6.30pm and I had another appointment booked in later otherwise it could have easily resulted in a rematch after a couple of beers.

Heterosexual men on business together, a great combination and a fantastic fuck

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