13th July 2011

What do they get out of it.   When I first started this work, I would see adverts that said  NO TEXT and I used to wonder why. I’ve never really been bothered with texters until this year but at the minute I can have 5 or 6 on the go each day with guys who have no intentions of booking.

Yesterday, three guys were texting me.  One was so illegible that I had to ask what it meant.  He said “Hi steve am bobr just got yr numba from the ad u up for me”.  I presumed that meant “Hi Steve are you working tonight”, I’ve no idea yet what bobr meant so I asked him if that’s what he was wanting  Yes, came the reply.  Then the texts started, one question at a time.  Now if he seen on online advert he’d have all the stats anyway but I obliged as usual (I never understood though why they can’t ask everything in one text) and then came request for pictures.  First a face pic (a no no sorry) and then the cock pics.  Firstly, I don’t send out face pictures to ANYONE, you never know where they are going to end up and what if it was a neighbour trying to cause trouble for me.  I don’t send cock pics because you don’t have a clue who you are sending them to.  I don’t want a knock on the door accusing me of sending illicit pics to under 18’s now do I.  I wish these guys would show some sense.

An escort is there to amuse and entertain the client, offer companionship and warmth, not text all night long for nothing.  The average texter will send 20 texts if I let him.  I don’t mind one or two but by the time we get to the fifth I get bored.  I always ask them to ring to book anyway.    My texts are free on my contract but with picture messages at 35p a shot, if I sent a face/cock pic to everyone who asked then my bill would be over £100 a month.  What the texters don’t realise is that they’re probably one of five texters sending me messages at the same time and that when it gets you down.

They’re also impatient.  I had a guy text me a few weeks back for a 5pm appointment, yes I said please give me a call.  He didnt’t and continued texting me then at 2.30pm they stopped.  In the meantime I had a 3pm incall for 30 minutes.  I put my phone on silent and left it charging on my ipod dock whilst I entertained the client.  At 3.35pm I checked the phone, and there were loads of text from this one guy “You got tight ass”, then another “???????” then “You need fuckin”, then “???????” then “Fuck you, you ignorant fucking cunt”.  Hmmm, I was busy, I didn’t bother to reply to these texts, I don’t like language like that being used against me, yes I like guys being vulgar and verbal whilst tackling my arse but not by text like that.  What can be fun can also be downright rude and how would he like it if I replied to someone else’s texts during his appointment, he’d be a bit pissed off.  If I was in his position and text an escort and didn’t get a reply I would think he/she was working and would await their reply.

I don’t mind texts from known clients, they’re usually nice simple “Hi Steve can I see you at 6.30pm”, or often a booking and a request to wear a black jock strap or something but the unknown ones are the bain of an escorts life.  Spare a thought when texting me or any other escort.  If you want to be taken seriously, send a concise text, asking everything together that you need to know, don’t drip feed questions to us, it just really annoys the tits off us and if we don’t reply on demand it’s because we’re busy.  If I get fed up with a texter I will tell him, he will get a reply saying “Please ring, no more texts please”.  If you’re asked to phone, please phone because if you continue to text you’ll either be ignored or barred.   The most important time of the day is the time I spend with my lovely clients, not the time I spend sending endless texts to people who fancy a bit of amusement

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