Yes, that old chestnut is back.

When you have a really busy week you don’t think twice about the texters but last week was a quiet one for me.  It’s the week before payday and generally a quieter one than usual.  You tend to notice the texters more on quiet weeks because you’re trying your very best to be as helpful as possible without getting ratty with them when you’re on the 5th text and there is no sign it developing into an appointment.

Many fellow escorts think I am exceptionally patient with texters, especially when they usually text back with a standard reply of “Sorry I don’t text, please call”.  I don’t mind one or two texts but I will admit, I get bored by the seventh.

Most of my regulars – over and above 70% will just text me for an appointment.  That’s not a problem.  I know who they are, I know they’ve seen me before and they know where they’re coming to.  It’s the ones I don’t know who cause the most problems.

A snapshot of last weeks texts that went nowhere include

“I can’t ring mate, the speaker on my phone doesn’t work, this phone is for texting only”
You need to pop to Tesco and get yourself a cheapo phone that works then.

“So tempted”
I’m not.

“Can I just book by text, you will want to see me, I take cock you know”
Nope and the prospect of having to do all the work too isn’t a vote winner either.

“What you doing tonight mate”
Washing my hair, well what’s left of it lol.

“Im age 25 my body fit and clean. my cock also big”
That’s nice for you but the answer is still no.

Do these guys think that I will bend my rules because they have a big cock, or have a phone that doesn’t work properly.  Texters are the bain of any escorts life.  They get quite shirty when you stop texting them too.  Thing is, in any one day I can get up to 10-20 guys texting me with nonsense, that’s 70-100 texts a day.  We get very bored with it and when one texter said to me “I don’t understand your problem with text”.  I replied “Yes and neither did the other 15 guys who text me today but didn’t want to book”.  He text back and apologised and said something along the lines of “Oh I really didn’t think, god we must all really annoy the life out of you”.  I had to agree with him.  They annoy the living daylights out of escorts.

I’ve never understood either, why texters have to drip feed you questions.  Why can’t they ask the bulk of stuff in the first text.  As my picture above illustrates, I don’t even bother replying to texts that simply say “Hi”.  I can’t be arsed with them.  If you get a nice concise text with “Hello Steve, any chance I could see you for incall at 2pm for an hour”, it’s a fair assumption it’s going to be a go-er.  When you get a text with “Are you working”, then “How much” then “What times”, then “I wanted 4pm, no good” why couldn’t he just text with “Are you working Steve at 4pm”.  I also hate it when they ask about services.  I don’t mind discussing services but when you reply back with your list of do’s and don’t, it’s always something else they were after.  I ignore texts that want pictures and/or cock size.  They’re not meeting someone in the train station from Date Direct with a view to marriage and my cock size is either going to be too small for them or too big.  If I tell them the actual size, they’ll say that’s too big for them to take and if I say it’s just normal, they’ll suddenly want a big cock.  I can’t win.

Texters – I wish they’d just bugger off and bother someone else.

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