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I am a bit posh you know, I am not what you think a gay male sex worker would be and don’t be afraid to call me “a bit of rent” because I do hire myself out to anyone with the cash, who is respectful and pleasant on the phone, in their email exchanges or in their personal chit chat with me on social media.

I am very pro-brexit, I don’t worry about it insulting remain voters who may wish to book an appointment with me because I am not unpleasant about remainers, I stand up for my principles and many remain clients that I have met in 2018 have said that my belief in Brexit is an endearing quality because I have stood by what I believe in and never faultered.  I am never rude to the public on twitter over Brexit.  Celebrities and Politicians are fair game.

The year 2018 has been my most difficult yet.  I nearly died on one occasion, last January and I had to have an operation in the summer with a 75% chance of survival.  I had to make a decision to have an operation under full anaesthetic with the risk that I would not wake up at the other end of it.  I was given 24 hours to think about it.  It was that serious.  I hope that most you never have to make that decision.  I also had to put my financial affairs in order, make a new will, I had to speak to friends and relatives about my four cats and my dog and I had to basically decide where I was in life, where I needed to be right at that moment and what life changing decisions I would have to make, should I wake up and realise it had not gone according to plan.

I had a 45% chance of having to have a stoma bag and it was not temporarily, it was for life.  I had to have discussions with the stoma nurse about how this would change my life from that moment onwards and that probability was high and would have meant that I would have had to retire from escort work indefinitely.  I signed my operation consent form in July when the operation was originally supposed to be scheduled however my bowel was so heavily diseased that I was sent home on strong drugs to see if they could save the remainder of my bowel which was healthy.  I had two perforations and six small tumours which had not turned to cancer at this stage.  We didn’t know any of this until 2018 and the tumours were discovered by chance.

I semi-retired from escort work in July 2018 after learning about the tumours.  I was told on Thursday 19th July about them after a camera examination a fortnight earlier.  On the 20th July at 5pm I was admitted into hospital for further tests and an operation on Tuesday 24th July.  They wanted to do the further tests over the weekend when the hospital was quiet and had very few out patients. I was assigned a side cubicle so I could not be contaminated by any other patients over that weekend. On Monday 23rd July they decided that they couldn’t operate as my chance of death had gone to over 50%, I was at a 35% risk of a full blood transfusion and it was all a bit of a mess.  My bowel was so heavily inflamed and diseased that an operation would run the risk of me losing the entire bowel itself.  On that Monday I was given a re-admittance letter for Monday 20th August 2018 at 7am.

I didn’t see any guys in those four weeks, I had already told everyone I was going to be taking a break anyway and it complicated matters, I had only told a very small group of people who I have known for a lot of years and I had taken sick leave in my other job.

To finish this little chapter, I woke up at 7pm on Monday 20th August and they’d managed to sew my two healthy bits of bowel together.  I’d had ONE inch to play with but I was warned that I would never be as lucky again and that the tumours had also been removed.  I would be under observation for a number of years to come but they caught this before I had developed bowel cancer.

After six weeks off I started to get back to normal.  I was in hospital for 10 days after my operation and I needed to try and get back into the swing of things.  I had saved, saved and saved for months before the operation.  What had started as a hospital admittance with stomach pains last January ended up being a life changing operation.

My first appointment back was a nightmare.  I was so upset.  He was a regular client, lovely to speak to, lovely to see, good looking about 55 years old and when he phoned one evening, I agreed to see him but I explained that I had a wound that was difficult to heal, 4 puncture wounds and a large wound that was fully healed (where they chucked it all out of).  I said that everything worked fine however he was not allowed to bounce up and down on my cock and there was a chance that I could not get hard but that I had many many toys available and he was fine about it.  The appointment went great and I did get hard but then at the end he asked for a discount in light of my operation wounds.  My confidence fell dramatically.  He did pay the full fee in the end and he did apologise by text later that night but I seen him on that basis and he used it as an opportunity to try and save £20.  Had he not ejaculated in the appointment then I could have been more open to this request but if you were happy to attend, we did everything as discussed and you cum ………… then there’s no need to be a dick !!!!!

I decided not to see anyone else for another month.

In November, I returned to escort work full time.  I am not fully recovered, I have temperatures once every few days because things get stuck and I am on loads of medication which successfully controls everything.  I take the medication at 10pm hence my self imposed 10pm cut off that I mention, every bloody day.  It’s because I have to take morphine, tramadol, ciprofloxacin and a laxative.  I have to schedule my toilet times ……. and without going into too much detail it’s because the nerves and veins can’t currently communicate.  I take them at 8am (or when I wake up) and I take my second at 10pm to be timed for 11pm.  Now you know why I am 10am to 10pm.  I can take it later but once I have, well you don’t want to be worshipping my bum hahahahahahahaha.  I need specific medication to function.  You all now know.  When I say I am available until Midnight, I am but if I have an appointment after 10pm I need to prepare after that and that means I am up until 2am which I don’t mind but 10pm is my normal cut off point.  It means that if nothing is coming in, I can have a reasonably good nights sleep.

Over the last two months, I have found terrific support from my loyal clients, my friends on twitter, personal friends where I live and work colleagues.  I have also found a core of remoaners who see “Sex Worker” and decide to demean and insult me.  They’re usually well educated people but they don’t seem to understand that sex work is legal.  I did this work to get my accountancy qualifications and I stuck at it.  I like it, it supplements my income, I don’t harm anyone, I only see men over 21 and everything is nicely settled for me.  When they see my colourful profession online, they like to take the piss out of it.  I am usually more highly qualified than them and what makes me laugh is that they’re probably the same people who go out there and pay for a male / female or trans escort and think that they are respectable people, which they are, but they fail to remember that we are too and not every sex worker is a trafficked, or an abused sex worker from the People’s Republic of Lesbania (as Linda La Hughes would say).

Just because I am a sex worker, it does not make your opinion worth more than mine.  We all have an equal say in our democracy.  In my other professional career, about 80% of my colleagues are brexit too.  Financial services are not a remain type industry, we lead this field in the UK and the EU would love to get their grubby hands on it.  The remain voters that I have come across are often public sector university employees, who rely on EU funding, cyclists, council workers and civil servants, yes ………. people in jobs that are relatively secure.  They’re not joiners, welders, chambermaids or shopworkers, they are people with nice little stable lives.  Life isn’t like that unfortunately.  These people are not the normal joe public, driving a white van and wondering how to keep his family fed for the next six months in an unsecured job.  That’s the person I meet for an intimate encounter and who tells me about his struggles and that’s why I am very much Brexit.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good Christmas Break and here’s to an interesting 2019.  Let’s hope it’s a no-deal Brexit.



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