The Changing Face Of Gay Escorting

I have blogged many times about clients I have seen, all true stories, obviously with a few details changed, an outcall to Alnwick may be reported on here as an outcall to Hexham as I never identify who the client is and an incall last night could have happened a week ago. but recently on my very active twitter account I have had a number of followers surprised that nearly every client I see is straight.

When I first started escorting, many many many years ago, I did so for the fun element.  No one has ever coerced me into doing this work.  I was introduced to the work by a female escort who I am still friends with to this very day and still speak to on a daily basis.  She asked me to see a couple of bisexual guys who she regular entertained from her Gateshead home.  We worked together and she invited me to spend a few days at her home where she lined up these clients for some gay entertainment with my good self.  She greeted them at the door and then went to, what was then, Safeway at Team Valley and left us to our own devices.

The four gentlemen I seen that day were all “straight” guys, they were all in married relationships and were all with wives they had no intention of leaving.  We got on with the appointments, albeit quite clumsily to begin with and after seeing the 4 guys, my friend and I had a night out in Low Fell to blow away the cobwebs and basque in the glory of my first taste of escorting.   I wasn’t with anyone at the time and it seemed like a rather good idea to continue seeing clients.

Most of my work in the early years was via my friend.  She passed me almost all the referrals and i’d maybe see 5 or 6 guys a month, not a day or a week, a month,  We’re talking 13 years ago here.  It was new to have female escort agencies and escorts and so the gay side was just bubbling under the surface.  My main worry was the gay scene, Was I in competition with them or not ?   I tried placing adverts in the free scene magazines, which were expensive and yielded little response.  They all wanted blonde 17 year old himbo’s, the type that lived on the gay scene, smoked Marlboro lights and frequented the gardens (a gay cruising area in Newcastle).  A chance visit to the Newtown Bar in Edinburgh heralded a change in direction.  I placed a very cheap advert in Scotsgay, it was only about £10 and checked myself into a mid range Edinburgh hotel for a few days and waited to see what would happen.  I was shocked to find that 90% of the guys were normal married straight men who wanted fun, all kept my number and some visited me back in Newcastle at times when passing by on business.  This was a revelation, I couldn’t understand why the glossy scene guides yielded no work but Scotsgay appealed to the masses.  This was because Scotsgay was one of the first paper copy scene guides to move to the internet.  It could easily be seen by John in Berwick and Alastair in Hawick.  One of my old old adverts from 2000 can still be found online on an old edition of Scotsgay.. It says Lee, good looking, male escort, 21 slim masculine guy offers unhurried escorting service.  Outcalls Edinburgh only -£80 first hour. 07050 683033.  That old 07050 still diverts to me too.  Piece of escorting history.  My adverts today say almost the same, although I don’t claim to be 21 anymore.  You can see the advert by CLICKING HERE – scroll down to backrubs.

The work was so good in Scotland that I moved away from the area for a while, living permanently in Edinburgh, offering incalls and moving up a notch, advertising as Gay4Guys in the personal services section of the Edinburgh Evening News.  Again 90% of those guys were just regular straight guys wanting fun.   I had a daytime job in Edinburgh and a weekend and night time occupation entertaining straight blokes.   When I moved back to Newcastle, I retired from the work for a couple of years until one night about three years ago, I remembered the password to my hotmail account and decided to log into it.  My email was lad4u2nite (I don’t have it anymore). I had racked my brain for about 2 years trying to remember the password and hotmail were no help, eventually blocking access to it. I was astonished to find over 200 emails from guys who wanted to see me.  I thought, bugger this I am going to get those toys and thongs out of retirement and give it another whirl.  I am a far cry from the 21 year old, I claimed to be, in Scotsgay but I knew I still had the knack.

There were a lot more places to advertise now than there was back in the early noughties and a lot more clients around.  Guys that didn’t have access to contact adverts and guys who were now wanting to experiment.  A lot more younger guys started to reply to my adverts in the Sport and the Admag and I teamed up with another local escort to offer duo’s (something I rarely offer anymore).   I’ve now withdrawn my adverts from Admag.  I just wasn’t getting any work from that whatsoever however I still do a couple of days a month in the Sport.  Nearly every guy I see is from my online presence, they come from sites like Adultwork, Twitter, where they can get a better feel about what sort of person I am going to be.  They’re less afraid of being found out because it’s more accessible and accepted than it was 14 years ago.  One thing that remains the same is the age group of my clients.  When I was escorting at 21, 24 or 29 they were all guys between 40 and 68.  I’d see the odd young guy and the odd older guy but typically all of my clients have remained 40 to 68.  Another thing remaining the same is my rates.  I was asking £80 in 2000.  I still charge £80 outcall now.  If I charged £100 in line with inflation I would be pricing myself out of work.  There is so much competition out there these days, yet I could demand that rate without question in the early days.  I know I am lot more older now but I see younger guys charging less than I do now.

When working in Edinburgh in my 20’s I seen a guy from Durham a few times.  When I came back as “Steve”, co-incidentally I changed to Steve from Lee back in 2003 (I never liked Lee), he looked me up and I have been seeing him ever since.  He’s grown older as I have, he’s probably about 54 now, he doesn’t look it but he was in his early 40’s when I first started seeing him as Lee.

A lot has changed in gay escorting since my first adverts, whereas agencies remain popular for female escorts, gay male escorts flourish better with their own site.  The business has moved away from contact scene guides like Boys and Scotsgay and gone totally online and you can’t just sit there with a website and expect the work to come in, you need to get on twitter, adultwork and local forums and sell yourself.  Clients arn’t going to come to you like they used to, you have to find them.

Appointments have changed too, I used to do really well on outcalls when I was younger, but now 80% of my work is incall.  I could never advertise like I did as Lee and expect outcall only work like I was able to do in 2000.  Guys want you to accommodate and if you can’t well, they’ll visit someone who can, it’s as simple as that.

The post has been a little trip down memory lane.  I am glad I could find an old old advert just to prove that I really have been a cock hungry whore for a long long time and yes that 07050 number on that 2000 advert still diverts to my regular number.

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