The Easter Weekend

There wasn’t a dull moment over the Easter break,  not one dull moment.  For me, it was wall to wall men, a few new ones, a few returning ones but all in all a nice few days with nice men, having a nice time.  Holiday times are usually quiet for me but last weekend was one of my busiest such weekend this year.

I was fucked so hard by a number of men on Saturday that I felt that some of my vital organs had been rearranged to accommodate all the cock that was rammed to me.  I’m not complaining, this boy loves to be fucked hard.  The harder the better………….   The weekend kicked off with a busier than usual Good Friday. I was quite keen to remind everyone that Friday was certainly good.  I just got settled down on Friday night after a busy day when someone text me wanting a 2 hour incall at 9.30pm. He was the nicest gentleman in the world….. cute….. hairy…. with a bubble butt that cried out to be fucked.  He was very respectful and after fucking him something stupid, he returned the compliment and climbed on board and gave Steve a good fucking. I even cum all over myself whilst he fucked me stupid and then he decided he couldn’t hold off any longer and shot the hugest amount of cum I have seen in weeks.  Lovely thick gloopy man seed.

Saturday was busy and then I had a quiet day on Sunday without even the sniffings of a phone call but Easter Monday made up for it with another round of spectacular cock to choose from.  I was fucked that hard, over the weekend, it wouldn’t have taken much effort for me to lay an Easter Egg.  I was well abused.

The rest of this week has ticked along nicely too. I am very lucky to have such good regular clients and very privileged to meet so many nice new men at the moment too.  A very high proportion of my appointments at the moment are with new men finding me for the first time, from all over the country.

Happy Days

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