The First Timer

11th September 2011

I’ve been asked 3 times in the last few days, “Do you see many first timers”.

Only about 50% of my clients are first timers hahahahahahaha.  Out of maybe 10 appointments a week, at least 5 will be first timers (first timers to me) but maybe one of them will have seen another gay male escort before, so that leaves with with four escort virgins to play with.  Yes, I see first timers.  Lots of them and they’re always as nervous as each other.  Those nerves go the minute they walk in though because they realise straight away that I am a nice respectful guy.

There are always going to be first time nerves but I can be equally as nervous at times because you have to remember that you’re also new to me too, I have no idea who is walking through my door but you have a bit of an idea from my website and blog, you tend to know what to expect, whereas I don’t.  I have no idea of who is visiting me unless I have seen them before.

I get nervous when a guy walks through the door that I really fancy the pants off.  That’s when I get a little jittery.  It happened to me on Sunday when after 10 years of working as an escort, I seen my first ever black guy.  He was out of this fucking world.  I loved the appointment, a big strapping 6ft 6, fit, black, horny bloke walked in and I went a bit giddy.  It was an excellent appointment which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I mean thoroughly enjoyed.  He was such a nice bloke, not the typical type of bloke you would expect to visit a male escort and I was very turned on by his presence, never mind his equipment once he dropped his pants.

So if you’re a first timer, I know it won’t stop your nerves but I hope it helps to know that you’re not the only first timer I have seen that week and you won’t be the last.  Everyone has to start somewhere and I am pleased when that somewhere is here.  I like them to go away and think that the experience was worth their while and want to return.  I love it when the first timers return and want to be more adventurous the second time.  When they’re thoroughly filthy on a second appointment I know I have cracked that shell and brought a new experience into their lives, one that I hope they enjoy as much as I do.

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