The Guys I See

All sort of guys walk through my door…. locals, executives, taxi drivers, shop keepers, house husbands and the odd vagrant but I always treat them with the exact same respect and I don’t question them.  They can be old, young, usually 35 to 60 though and they can be fat or thin, they can tell me this story about themselves and that story about themselves and on the whole I take everything in but it’s never repeated.  I try to find their most endearing quality, something that’s hard to find at times and I focus on that.  I always try and remember something about them that I can bring back up at a later date, as a conversation piece.

The types of guy I see vary on a day to day basis.  I have some very lovely executive clients, who spend a lot of money seeing me, but who enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs.  They want a certain class of companion, well dressed, well spoken, who knows how to conduct themselves in private and public but who more importantly tailors the appointments to their needs and never lets the grass grow beneath their feet.  I am constantly trying to think of new ways to innovate myself with gentlemen I see often because the time we spend together has to remain fresh and exciting and I want him to have the very best sex life he’s ever had in his life with no need to look elsewhere.

I have many local guys who also spend a lot of money seeing me.  They’re the guys I see one a week as opposed to once or twice a month.  Four, one hour appointments off a local guy is almost the same money as an overnight with someone else once a month.  There probably isn’t the personal interaction that an overnight affords but their time is in no way less valid than the executive guys.  I’ve been seeing many local guys that fall into this category for a number of years.  They have a certain need and although they’re more incall at my place with me wearing joggers and a tee shirt as opposed to me travelling to Edinburgh in a tweed jacket and expensive shoes, their need is as important as anyone elses.

I see some gentlemen who want to try some man to man sex and who decide it’s not for them.  That’s fine, I like gentlemen to return time and time again but if they don’t it doesn’t really matter, there’s always someone else around the corner ready to make an appointment.  These appointments tend to be much harder than the executives and the super regular locals.  These guys could have phoned half a dozen times before taking the plunge, get here and wonder what on earth they’re doing here and simply want to walk away.  I have to deal with these situations, when they arise and try and think how to resolve their anguish at a moments notice.  You’ve got to be a good escort to deal with this type of client.  Luckily, not many blokes decline the appointment.  I’m talking in figures of 2 to 3 a year that walk away and decide they don’t want the appointment, but earlier this year I was quite shocked that one of my 2013 walk away guys came back and went through with an appointment.  His nerves just got the better of him the first time around.

When the smelly, unkept, vagrant types walk in, you just think to yourself…. well it’s half an hour and then I can get on with my day.  When they say “Will you suck it” and it doesn’t look too clever, you have two options… a)  ask him to shower and offend him  or b) say “No I don’t do oral without” and offend him.  It’s usually the latter.  Let’s face it, I’m not fussed if he returns or not because if he can turn up filthy like that, I am not too keen on him coming back. They’re usually the ones to proclaim that their wives don’t give them sex too.  I think I can guess why.  I do, do Oral Without, but on clean cocks.  Yes clean ones.  How can they not notice it’s filthy and smells.

On the whole.  Most of my gentlemen are lovely.  Some more lovely than others and some who I am super excited to see when I know an appointment is impending, I have one or two that I have a real connection with.  I like to pride myself on the service I offer and like to think that they come back because they like me, my personality and the fact I keep everything as fresh as the first time we met.

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