The Need For Discretion

24th August 2012

A few phone calls lately asking about discretion got me wondering about what indiscreet things clients have encountered from escorts.

The most popular questions put to me are

You won’t ring this number back again will you ?

If you get a call off a woman asking who you are, you won’t say you’re an escort ?

You don’t know people in my street, do you ?

My mate lives nearby, you won’t go telling him will you ?

You don’t pass on my numbers to other escorts, do you ?

Point 1,  In all of the years I have escorted, I have never ever called back a client after an appointment.  I have no need to, my phone is for incoming calls only.  The only time I call back a client if I have just missed his call, or the call failed or he’s just left the house and left his watch or glasses or keys behind.  I never call back on any other occasion.

Point 2, Women rarely ring me and so if a woman does I am usually on my guard straight away.  I always answer the phone as “Steve Speaking” and let the person calling me tell me what they want, I don’t answer it as “Steve fuck slut escort”.

Point 3, Even if I did know people in your street, which is quite rare they’d hardly wonder why I was seen nearby, I know lots of people in lots of streets in lots of places, it doesn’t mean they’re shagging me.

Point 4, I don’t make a habit of telling stories, I am hardly going to run to one of my neighbours and tell them who was fucking my arse the night before.  It just doesn’t happen.

Point 5, No I don’t but I do pass on the numbers of timewasters, no shows and abusive blokes.  If you timewaste me then I have the right to keep that number and hopefully stop you from doing it to someone else.  No shows and timewasters are the worst thing about escorting, they really don’t understand how it upsets and inconveniences the escort it’s done to.  None of you like being timewasted at work so why do you do it to us in our work.

One telephone call yesterday somewhat amused me, it was from a guy who said “Are you very discreet though Steve” and in the next breath said “Can you message me some pictures of you on your phone”.  Ok so I am expected to be discreet but then he wants me to send pictures to his phone.  That’s not very discreet for me, is it ?   Those pictures could end up on anyone’s phone.  No I simply don’t send pictures.

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