The Perfect Overnight

I get a fair few enquiries for overnight appointments, most of which are to visit gentlemen in hotels and occasionally their homes.  I do overnight appointments anywhere, whether it be here in Newcastle Upon Tyne, or somewhere a little further afield like London, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh, Dublin or Paris.  I always arrive on time and I am always immaculate.  These overnights tend to be more on the terms of the client than the escort, the client will usually have an itinerary in mind like dinner, theatre or a stroll around the old city with a couple of breaks in between for a glass of wine. but as I have just said these appointments are very much in hands of the client, therefore when an incall overnight at my home is requested, the appointment is reversed, with the itinerary being very much on my terms.

I only offer incall overnights to gentlemen that I have had the pleasure of spending time with previously because 12 to 15 hours is a long time to spend with someone who you have never met before and it helps to have some common ground on an incall overnight so I know how to plan the occasion.  You are spending a lot of money to visit me for the whole evening and therefore the appointment has to be absolutely spectacular.  I had one such overnight at the weekend and here is a run down to what happened and how the evening flowed without an awkward pause or uncomfortable silence.

Friday arrived, it was the day of my incall overnight evening. This appointment was with a gentleman I had met on a number of occasions, for an hour each time.  He asked me if it was possible to visit me for the evening and I made it perfectly clear that my incall overnights were quite expensive.  The price reflects the amount of time that I take to prepare for the appointment and I don’t cut any corners on hospitality.  On the day of any overnight appointment, I refuse all other enquiries during the course of the day and and I adhere to this promise, therefore when you see me on the evening, at whatever time your arrival should be, I will be refreshed and ready to concentrate on our time together,

I started the day by vacuuming the entire house from top to bottom, setting out candles, steam mopping the tiled floors, changing the bed, taking particular care to iron all of the bedding perfectly.  I went through my Deezer streaming music app to find some wonderful Jazz albums to play in the living room on the ipod, bought a new scented candle and strategically placed vanilla incense sticks around the house. I planned a menu for the evening.  My incall overnights always include wine, dinner and spirits.  I make the evening more of a date than an escort appointment and as I always say my attention to detail is second to none and can not be matched or surpassed.

I visited a fishmongers, a supermarket and a local specialist butchers during the course of the afternoon.  I devised an exquisite menu.  I already have gin and whisky in the house at all times but I purchased a lovely bottle of prosecco for relaxing with over the open fire and and expensive white wine for dinner.  Knowing that this gentleman loved fish, I created the following menu from scratch and cooked it and served it to perfection


Halloumi and Asparugus, Flash Fried in English Butter with a Home Made Hollandaise Sauce


Slow Cooked Wild Scottish Salmon in Butter and Salt
Buttered Creamy Mashed Potato with Chopped Parsley
Sugar Glazed Oven Roasted Chantenay Carrots and Green Beans


Home Made Strawberry Trifle With Madagascan Vanilla Dairy Cream


This was an exceptional menu which took me a few hours to prepare in the afternoon.  In addition to planning dinner I had visited one of the UK’s top butchers, George Payne Butchers, based in Gosforth.  I purchased two of their finest pork sausages, five rashers of bacon and two slices of black pudding.  I am vegetarian but this was purchased with my overnight client completely in mind.  I always make breakfast the following morning and always acquire it from one of the finest butchers in the country.  A treat from me, before you leave to show my appreciation for taking the time to spend your hard earned money on an appointment with me.

The evening went along swimmingly, he arrived on time and we began the evening with a glass of white wine, chilled to perfection and I broke the ice by telling him the funny story about how I acquired the stainless steel ice cooler, the room was filled with candles and tea lights and the fire was flickering away quite softly.  After a brief chat and fondle, he wanted to undress me to see the new underwear I purchased specifically for the appointment.  This is a very personal gesture that I make and one that I know you will appreciate completely.  Having underwear exclusive to that appointment and that appointment alone, that you request, is something I am thrilled to offer and one that is always remembered.  This is one of the extra special touches I go to.  He had asked earlier in the week if I had a red jockstrap, which I do have, yes, but as he’s visiting me for overnight and to make it extra special I offered, at my expense, to purchase a brand new red jockstrap exclusively for our time together.  He was quite amazed that I would voluntarily go to so much trouble.  Yes I will, you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to book the appointment, I will always show my appreciation back ten fold.

After a little a play time, we went through for dinner, which was cooked to perfection.  The night isn’t structured but obviously the whole itinerary rests with me so I have to have some sort of plan for the evening.  By 10pm we had finished the starter and the main course and it seemed I was going to be dessert. so we finished the white wine at the table and I opened a bottle of prosecco and served it in champagne flutes.   After becoming the dessert, I served the trifle dessert informally in the living room, in front of the fire with a gin and tonic and we ended up sitting up, chatting over a few drinks about my life, his life, the cats and everything in between and before we knew it, the time was hitting 3am.  After a brief bit of fun, both of us were exhausted and it was time for some rest until morning.

The morning started, as every overnight should, with me taking the lead by ensuring I am immaculately clean before he wakes.  As soon as he awakens I want to be there waiting and prepared as the morning always starts with a little glory, then it’s time for him to have a shower and the fabulous hearty full english breakfast before he leaves.

My incall overnights are very well received, I take days to plan the menu, I serve fine wines, I offer fun conversation and I make you, the client, the centre of attention so you can discover what it’s like to be treated like a gentleman. You’re spending a lot of money to visit me for the evening and none of it is timed.  My gentleman, this weekend, arrived at 7.30pm and left at 9.30am but he could have arrived at 7pm and departed at 11am if he wanted.  There is no pressure on time and it would be awkward if I timed it for a standard 12 hours because what is the fun in that, looking at your watch the next morning and thinking blimey I’d better get a move on or I will go over my time. That is not how an executive escort should conduct themselves.

I have a lovely home, I feel like I am lovely guy and so I want you to experience the best of what this type of service has to offer.  I want you to walk away and think that this was one of the best nights of your life and maybe realise just how much effort and planning went into that overnight from the part of the escort and why my fee reflects the attention to detail and time spent making your evening a night to remember.

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