The Weather = Sticky Sex

My god its hot, I am sat in the garden as I write this with a glass of wine, sitting in the afternoon sun, literally just melting.  Im in such a sunny mood too, I’ve even booked a little holiday in October to visit friends abroad.

The sun brings out all the men in shorts and sexy skimpy tee shirts. I have to double take at every bloke I pass on the High Street with all these fit bods, hairy legs, rippling chests, all dressed with literally everything on show. 
It’s times like this that you appreciate just how nice it is to have a little outside space, I love sitting outside in my tight Adidas football shorts with my rugby player legs on show. I seen a guy yesterday who had an all over tan from sitting in the garden with a white patch around his arse and lunch packet.  I’m finding sex to be more sticky and hot with the most amazing anal orgasms when the bloke slagging me is banging away with such force and vigour under such high temperatures.  My bedroom fan is on maximum, just to help cool down my clients as the sweat pours from their brow whilst receiving the most intense deep throat blow job from me.   Giving such deep, throat penetrating blow jobs gives me a chance to cool down in front of the fan whilst he squirms within excitement at the thought of his 9 inch cock being taken down my throat to the balls.  
This weather has everyone horny. I’m giving them the sort of sex they’re promised on the first drunken night with the missus on a First Choice package jobbie to Solou.  This weather is making them want to have that filthy sex right now whilst its on their mind,  They want me on top,  sliding my arse cheeks down their shaft, as they lie there with their arms folded behind their heads savouring every inch of penetration inside my hole.  This weather has me incredibly horny too and I want them to finish off with me on all fours and their cock buried deep into me with their hairy balls slapping off my arse and my balls with every hard thick stroke, then for them to gather pace and ram it up me from the tip of their thick bell end to the bottom of their shaft and shoot their load deep inside, pull out, slap my arse, thanking me for to ride and collapsing on the bed.  Once the rubbers is off, I wrap my lips around his cock and savour the last few drops for my tongue, just so I can taste his summer seed.
Phew, after all that, a shower is essential in this weather, we can’t have them going back to good old wifey smelling of sticky, filthy bloke on bloke sex.  
Ive found myself so dehydrated this past fortnight that a gin and tonic is the order of the day after every client and you can see why, with appointments as filthy as that every day.

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