The Wrong Attitude

Sometimes I am dismayed at what I read on forums, message boards and social networking.  Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a very much “can do will do” type of person.  I don’t expect anything from anyone, I don’t pray that they’ll make another appointment soon, I take every day as it comes and I am thankful for the repeat appointments, I am pleased to welcome new gentlemen into my life for the first time and I am sad when a few people drop by the wayside.

Recently, I have seen many instances of bad manners displayed by escorts towards their clients.  One female escort I know in Scotland has an appalling attitude towards clients, she has a work twitter account and a private one and the private account is full of hatred towards the men who make appointments with her.  If it is destroying her that much then she really needs to find herself an alternative career and step away from sex work.  Very few people are forced into sex work, contrary to what the media would like you to believe and so I don’t accept the argument that people are stuck in a position that they can’t get out of, some are yes, but most arn’t.  I walked into this work with my eyes wide open.  I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

We all see guys we don’t like, if you worked in Sainsbury’s you’d have customers through your checkout who you wouldn’t particularly like but you just get on with it because it’s your job.  Over the years I have had to ignore the calls of one or two clients because I wouldn’t want to see them again but I would never be rude to them.  A few years ago I had an awful appointment which turned my stomach.  It was a cross dressing client, who I may add I had seen on three previous occasions, he arrived with his high heels and mini skirt, in a bag and came out of the bathroom with a pair of period stained knickers on his head to sniff.  The stench was stomach churning !!!  He proudly announced they were his 23 year old step daughters underwear and that he found them in the washing basket.  This was the height of vulgarity and I endured a whole hour of this scenario.  I ignored his calls for 3 months afterwards and then out of the blue he sent a text asking if I was still active and working.  The texts went back an forth with me making excuses and then eventually when he wasn’t playing ball, I had to be forthright and stern and ask him to stop contacting me, he asked why of course and then he was reminded about the panty incident.  He apologised and said he had always enjoyed our time together.  I replied I hadn’t and his reply was “Well but I did…. and that’s what matters”.  Once again, the wrong attitude.  Just because you’re paying for my time it doesn’t mean I have to endure the stench of ripe period pants.

When this incident occurred, I never went onto Twitter and said “Vile Appointment”.  I only ever report on appointments when I have something good and positive to say.  If I have a bad appointment (which is rare) I will talk about here on the blog.  Every week I will have an appointment with someone who I don’t particularly like but I just shrug it off as an hour of my time I will never get back and then just get on with my life.  The other guys I will see during the course of a week will be wonderful experiences and so one difficult arrogant arsehole isn’t going to upset my week.

What annoys me about the bad attitude that prevails is that in any other profession, say for example you were a builder, you’d never go home at night and write on your twitter wall “Nasty twat at 14 Glenside, I swear I’ll swing for him next time he opens his mouth” but some escorts will do exactly that.  I was shocked recently to read an altercation on the private account of an escort.  A client worked out what her private account was and said hello and she was downright awful to him, preaching on about it’s being her private space and he was not welcome to speak.  If it’s your private space then lock the damn account because an open twitter account is not private space.  I dislike seeing screen prints with telephone numbers displayed too.  Yes the text has annoyed you and you’re showing the world what you have to put up with (I screenprint from time to time) but give the guy a bit of privacy, crop his bloody number, email address or adultwork handle out please.  He might have been rude to you, timewasted you in the past or generally like sending you stupid texts but he’s probably got a family and now you’ve gone and highlighted who he probably is and if anyone cares to type the number into Google they could easily come up with the firm of solicitors he works for or the maintenance garage he owns.

Clients can have the wrong attitude too.  The thing I hate the most is bartering.  I charge £100 for a local outcall, not £80 nor £70 and £100 is not going to get you 90 minutes either  If you want 100% then pay 100%.  Don’t say “Well will you do it for……..” then have a list of services you want as long as your arm. I’ve no time for men who want a discount then expect twice the service.

There’s a lot of the wrong attitude about.  I embrace the career that I have built for myself in the sex industry, I try to have a good attitude and I don’t always get it right but I try, wherever possible, to show my personality and give out the right signals.  You’re never going to be a success as an escort with the wrong signals or attitude, especially not these days when your presence on social media is a huge part of your success.  Clients don’t want to see you arguing with people on twitter, they want to see you being happy, having a glass of wine, taking pictures of your pets, baking a quiche, buying new shoes and being a generally nice person. Having an unbeat account attracts more of the good clientele than one winging about clients, swerfs, patriarchy, martrirchy, poverty and general woe and betide.  It’s the job of an escort to make their readership feel good about themselves because they are a potential client base.  Many first impressions these days start with social media so please……… take my advice and make sure you have the The Right Attitude.

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