There’s A Lot Of First Time Clients Around

It’s a while since I wrote on the blog, I am very busy with my “other job” and I have a new doggie too, another addition to the family.  I have one dog and five cats now, so there’s always something going on at my house.

It’s been a funny few months.  Nearly all of the clients I have seen have been new and a few of my staple regular guys have dropped off and disappeared.  I had a lovely regular client from London but I haven’t seen him since last November.  He did have some health problems and I wonder if it’s returned and so it’s stopped him coming back.  There seems to be an awful lot of first time clients around at the moment and an awful lot of texters.  I do get increasingly annoyed with texters because none of them seem to be able to press the call button and speak to you personally.  No escort with any kind of sense or respect for their own health would deal with a first time client by text or email only.  I live in a nice area, as many of you know and I wouldn’t dream of handing out my address to men so they can decide afterwards if they wish to turn up or not.

A usual enquiry by first time guys is whether my home is discreet.  No there’s a neon sign in my downstairs window with the words Open and “Gay Escort Here” on my front door.  Of course it’s discreet !!!!   This gets me every time because it is  YOU coming to visit me and so it’s you that needs to be discreet for my benefit, I have to live here.  I wish they would understand this but it seems to be universal.  I do realise that they want reassurance but an escort who isn’t discreet isn’t going to be very popular.

The Keith Vaz scandal recently with the Eastern European rent boys has come up in conversation a few times with clients, especially new clients.  Personally…..I have no sympathy for Mr Vaz.  I would never have identified him if he was my client but to claim he was a washing machine salesman with a plummy voice and £500K flat in London, discussing cocaine and bareback sex was just asking for trouble.  I am sorry but Keith Vaz does not look like a Beko rep and did he honestly think that Eastern European male escorts would not read newspapers or watch TV.  I have spotted some of my clients on TV and in local and national newspapers but I don’t think any of them have ever claimed to be the bloke who reads the gas meter for N Power (which reminds me of a funny story I will mention at the end) and I have certainly never identified any of them.  Years ago, I stopped asking clients their names.  I only know a clients name if he offers it.  I don’t need to call them by their christian name if it’s a one off appointment, it’s not relevant and it’s not that I am disinterested, I just don’t need to know, plus in any case nearly every client is called Dave, Paul or Steve.  You don’t get many clients telling you their name is Tobias or Julian for some strange reason.  I have seen four Dave’s in one day and if you ring Dave when he’s lost or when you’re arriving at the hotel and it goes to voicemail you’ll usually hear something like “This is Tim Smith…………” so I didn’t see the point in needing to know that level of information.  I do think Keith Vaz was extremely naive when it came to booking male escorts and maybe he should have chosen guys with a bit more experience, with verified feedback and who have a very good online presence.

I have always been a people person, my father told me when I was 16 that if you can’t be sociable then you won’t get anywhere in life.  I try to put all of these new first timers at ease and then take it from there.  Most of the new first timers, that turn up, are in my normal catchment bracket of 40 to 60 years old.  The young ‘uns who contact me just want to text me and have a wank due to the excitement of speaking to a real life sex worker.  I had one the other week who did ring when asked but expected me to get from one side of the city to the other in 20 minutes at 5pm, it just wasn’t happening.  He had no concept of the pre-planning that goes into an appointment.  Yes I can leave in five minutes if I have to but I need to quickly get ready, sort out the pets and get the car out of the garage, I can’t do that in a few minutes and you can’t get out of Gosforth in 20 minutes, never mind travel to the west end of the city.

I suppose it’s quite nerve racking for the new guys when they call me for the first time but I always answer my phone when they call (unless I am entertaining), I am always respectful and I am always reliable.   I don’t mind a couple of calls before they pluck up the courage but I tend to get a bit bored of answering the same questions on the fifth such call.

Oh and finally………… that funny story.  A few weeks back a new guy phoned me for an appointment.  He got to my liaison point where I tell all new clients to get to before I give out my full address.  There was no parking in the street so told him to park on the next row down and walk up.   Stood behind the front door, ready and waiting for the front gate to open, which is my cue to open the front door and within a minute or so the gate opened, I opened the door and a guy in workwear uniform came in.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Lots of men visit me in work gear.  I led him into the bedroom and he said “I thought the gas meters in these houses were behind the front door”.  Oops……………………………..  Yes I was very nearly inappropriate with the gas meter guy.  I quickly said “Oh I thought you were here to look at the shower”, then the doorbell went and it was the client.  I am not sure if he believed that the man in the suit was here to look at the shower but I am not sure those Romanian lads thought Keith Vaz was an Indesit dealer either.  It was an embarrassing incident but I can laugh about it now.



2 responses to “There’s A Lot Of First Time Clients Around

  1. Good blog Steve

    I had you come see me a few months ago when I was up there at a conference in Durham. Had a nice time and you were on time and did everything I asked. It’s good that someone takes your profession seriously and doesn’t turn up late, high or drunk because believe me it happens. It’s also good to meet someone who is intelligent and knows a lot of things about a lot of subjects. Wouldn’t hesitate to book again when I find my self around your neck of the woods. Great sex, great chat over wine and you’re a great guy.


  2. Thanks. It was good to meet you too. Really nice to get unexpected feedback like this

    Made my day

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