Thick Set & Stocky

15th September 2011

Hmmm, just what the doctor ordered.

Yesterday I opened the door to one hunk of a guy, 46-48 years old, 6ft 3, broad shoulders, shaved head, goatee beard with a deep shadow of stubble across the rest of his beard line. WOW ! I was in for a treat.

This was another of those alpha males I’ve talked about in the past, the sort of guy who is a man’s man and who you would never think in a million years would have sex with other blokes. As he walked in his shoes clicked on the tiled floor, oh god this guy was fantastic. I was hard within seconds, normally it takes me 3-4 minutes to get warmed up but I was at full attention within seconds.

He took off his leather jacket to reveal a crisp white shirt which clinged to his solid body, I unbuttoned his shirt and made a beeline for his pecks, he ran his fingers through my hair as I bit on his nipples, whilst my hands undid his belt and zip. Inside his Calvin Klein undies was one solid fat cock. It was about 6 inches but it had power. The sort of cock you could hang a couple of wet towels off and still be rock solid hard. “Get that fucking mouth around that cock”. There was no need to ask, it was where I was heading to anyway. He pumped his cock deep down my throat, holding my head in position as he thrusted his dick in and out of my mouth. He pulled me off his cock and bent me over the bed, he got down on the floor and licked out my tight “man hole”. His tongue darting in and out of my arse, biting on my arse cheeks in between licks. He stood up and rubbed his cock end up and down my arse crack, slapping his heavy solid dick off my cheeks. He got his throbbing dick lubed up and rammed it deep up my arse, holding on to my behind with his big hairy hands whilst he fucked me from the tip of his cock right up to the balls. After about 10 minutes of serious pounding, he pulled out his cock, told me to flip over and rammed his cock in my mouth, dumping his salty load straight down my throat.

“Can I extend” he said. Oh yes, that wouldn’t be a problem. He asked if I could make him a coffee, which I proceeded to do whilst he got himself horny again over the porn. I came back into the bedroom and put the cups down on the side table. “Up against the fucking door”. He spread my arms and legs against the bedroom door and fucked the arse off me again, ramming it up deeper with each thrust. “Get on top of me on the bed and fucking ride that cock like it’s the last cock you’re ever gonna have”. He got on the bed and I jumped on top, his big hands cupping my butt cheeks and pushing me up for each thrust. “Get all that cock up that hole” he kept saying as his dick got deeper and harder inside. He then got me on my back with my legs around my head, deep fucking me on top biting on my nipples as he drilled it in and out of my hole. “He’s the second dump coming” and he gave a final big thrust which banged against my prostate as he shot his second load. He pulled out, cleaned up and had his coffee. He’d only booked a half hour originally but after extending, he left a little over the hour, after he had a shower.

As he left he settled up the extra money and left a £10 tip. A little bit of small chit chat about how he wasn’t married, liked women but loved a shag with another bloke every month or so because he said he got a dirtier fuck off a bloke. Then he said, “I’m off back to the building site to see what the lads have got up to whilst I’ve been away and then it’s a few beers and the football match tonight down the local”. Hmm, I can just see him now, 6 pints, football banter and crude chat about their latest conquests. I expect my gender will change to female when he boasts about how he took her from behind and fucked the arse off his bird. Little do they know hahahahahaha

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