Those Little Things

I seem to have missed out a complete month of blogging.  There was a lot happening in May and it was a mixed month which started busy, went quiet and ended with back to back appointments.  The final week in May was quite possibly my busiest week this year, so far.

I came across some horrific negativity from the escorting community, once again, since my last post on the blog.  The apparent owner of an online community for escorts in the North of England was extremely rude to me in a private message for allegedly spamming their message board.  I put five posts on his forum, answering questions about the police and escorting in general etc, which were not advertising or marketing, only my perspective.  He didn’t take too kindly to it, especially my thoughts about why message boards were so quiet these days and the relationship it had with the explosion of escorts on Twitter.  As I wasn’t a paid up member of his club, he found it appropriate to be rude and obnoxious.  It’s plain to see why the patronage of his online forum has dropped dramatically in the past twelve months.

I am not someone who takes things lying down (unless you are paying) and so I will always stand my ground and stand up for what I think is right.  I don’t like to argue with people on twitter because I don’t feel like it’s the appropriate behaviour of an executive escort but sometimes you can’t let them walk all over you.  I put my point across and then deleted the posts the following day.  My clientèle don’t want to read online arguments, however I will always defend myself if I feel I have been unfairly treated and that their attitude was unwarranted.

Two things made me smile in the last month.  One of which was an unexpected five star review left on an external site by a gentleman I seen a few weeks ago.  He didn’t give any indication that he would leave such a review, so when I received an email telling me that a review has been left on their site, I logged in nervously to view the aforementioned testimonial.  I was thrilled and it made my day.  Yesterday was another of those days.  I was busying myself in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.  I always have a look out the window to see who it is. A delivery van was parked outside, I thought it was a package for a neighbour so I opened the door to be greeted by a good looking 40’s DILF who handed me a box of wine to sign for.  It had my name and address on the box with a brief note underneath the address label.  Yes……. a gift from a client and an unexpected gift at that.  I had no idea that I had been sent a box of twelve fine wines.  I was overhelmed and felt very very very appreciated.  It’s just so nice when someone does something like that.

I often get small gifts like a bottle of gin or a bottle of wine.  Last October I got a couple of shirts and champagne from clients for my birthday.  I not only give each and every client 100% commitment but I go far beyond the call of duty at times to make their time with me very special.  I never watch the clock, I travel all over the UK and Europe to see gentlemen and it’s rare that I say no to anything, therefore when something like a five star review is published or a box of fine wines arrives the door I know that I have done something right and that I am continuting to do something right.

Thank you.



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