Three Dicks In 90 Minutes

20th May 2012

I had a lovely appointment last night at a local seaside resort, not far from my home. A fantastic guy, well built, about 48, hairy, visiting us on one of the many thousands of stag trips that hit Newcastle on a weekend.

I arrived at his hotel, in a discreet fashion, as always, went straight to the room and was greeted by very hairy bloke in a towel, fresh from the shower. He’d asked if I had any rugby/football shorts because they really turned him on and he planned to tackle my arse… so literally two minutes after entering the room, he was entering me.

He quickly undid my jeans to reveal my football shorts and hairy legs and bent me over the dressing table, spanking and pawing my arse. “What a fucking tight fit they are you dirty fucking shit”. No sooner did he say that and I was bent over, the shorts came down and he rubbed his wet dick on my arse crack. His cock was about 8 inches and thick, I was in for a treat. This bearded bulk of a bloke wanted one thing and his satisfaction was guaranteed. His dick was rock hard, tasty and ready for action. Up it went, about 40 strokes of pure man and he spunked deep inside me. He pulled out his rock hard cock and made me clean up his juice from his knob, smiled and I was on my way. I was in the room for a total of 8 minutes. It wasn’t a case of premature ejactulation, the bloke just needed a tight arse to fuck so he could get on with the rest of his night with his mates in Whitley Bay.

I jumped in the car and noticed a text from a regular. “Steve are you busy mate I need some arse mate”. So within about 20 minutes I made it to Cramlington, popped in, dropped my pants to reveal my football shorts again and another cock was inside. I said “You’re the second in an hour, fucking my rugby cunt”, to which he replied “Fucking dirty spunk loving slut, getting this fucking arse seeded, well here’s another fucking load up your crack”, he then shot a massive dump of spunk all over my back, pushed his cock back up and carried on fucking me.

Within an hour I’d had two cocks in me, two massive loads of spunk shot and I was still ready for another bloke if he wanted me.

Thankfully my arse got a chance to rest and I met up with a friend for a drink in Gosforth, near to my home, anyway he’s a married bloke who I have had a few times, just for fun. He lives nearby and we text each other sometimes and catch up for a beer or two but it’s rare I have the time to shag him. He knows I am an escort but he’s not into booking escorts, he’s just fiddled with a few guys over the years and in no way looks gay or identifies himself as gay or even bisexual.

He’s very blokey, about 52 years old, mortgage, wife, three kids, two holidays a year type, facial hair, grey at the sides with the hairiest arms you can imagine, I find him incredibly sexy, especially when I can see the tuft of chest hair peeping out of his shirt and thick strands of hair peering out from under his watch on his forearm. I sent him a text and said “Are you out tonight, do you fancy a beer”. We got chatting, in the pub and he asked if I had busy, so I started telling him about my two fucks, one after the other. I could see him getting turned on and he touched my arse and said “Fuck Steve, two dicks up there tonight, where do you find these men”. They find me as he well knows. “I’m popping out for a cigarette” he said. Now this pub is right next to a park and open field. I popped out with him to carry on the chat. Again he touched my arse, but in a chatty way that wasn’t obvious. Just a little brush past. “Steve, mate” he said in a very masculine tone, “Let me put my fingers down your pants around the back of here and feel your open crack”. I was really turned on by the fact I had two big blokes up my in the hour before and he was a little drunk and turned on by my insatiable desire to have as much cock as possible. I went around the back of the bar and he forced his hand down my pants and put two fingers inside me. “You’re fucking wet”. No one was about, so he undid my jeans and stuck his dick right up me, pulled out his rock hard cock, got me on my knees and dumped a weeks load of spunk down my throat. We both pulled ourselves together and re-joined the group of blokes he was drinking with in the pub. Not one of them noticed a thing, I’d had cock number three inside me, he’d been de-spunked, I’d swallowed a massive load of his cum and we carried on like it was just another normal night.

It was a night when I was a real slut. I love being a real slut and I could have easily taken another dick and swallowed another load.

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