9th July 2011

I know I usually post all the funny bits and fun sexy bits of being a gay male escort but today I’ll touch on the downside of this work.  Men with no intentions of booking an appointment.

I don’t often get timewasters but when I do I get two or three in a row.  I have had no timewasters for a long time but last Wednesday was the exception.  I took an advanced for 12noon the day before and the guy promised to confirm in by 10am.  Guess what, no confirmation.  Then I took a 2pm appointment, he confirmed it about 45 mins before arrival and I text him the location.  2 pm arrived and went with no sign of him.  I chased him up with a text and the reply was “Car problems, have to cancel”.  So if he had car problems  he would certainly have known well before 2pm, so why not cancel me and why only cancel when chased up on the matter, so he was another one for the barred list.

During the course of the day I had been receiving a number of texts from a guy, asking about this and asking about that (all stuff on my website), he wanted a half hour.  He then asked if he could shower at my place after the appointment and could it be after the 30 minutes.  I am quite flexible, as those who know me can confirm, so I said yes.  10 minutes isn’t going to harm anyone and I can tidy around whilst he’s in there.   He confirmed and got the location.  30 minutes passed and then I received another text saying “I hope you’ll get in with me so I can soap up that arse of yours”.  Now  hang about here, he’s booking for 30 mins but asks for a shower after and expects me to get in with him and perform again.  I text back and said “Yes, are we going to make this 45 mins instead then”.  This was greeted with silence.  He was due within 20 minutes, so I text again.  Got a reply 4 minutes before arrival at 6.26pm “Daughter come home – have to cancel – will book again”.  Where have I heard that before.  If it’s not the kids it’s the car or he’s been called back into work.  I text him back with “Please don’t bother, I’ve lost an alternative appointment because of this cancellation and you’ve messed me about for about 4 hours”.  The tirade of abuse that followed.  I was called a cunt, faggot, arsehole, cocksucking shit and he asked why I treated customers like that.  For a start, he’s not a customer.  If he’d booked and paid he’d be a customer but if you’ve never been to Greggs for a pasty you can hardly call yourself a customer can you ?  If anyone had cause for complaint it was me, I was the one pissed about and cancelled 4 minutes before arrival , I lost another  appointment for 6.45pm and let’s face it, he was never going to book.  All I said was that I didn’t wish to deal with him again and that’s my perogative.  I didn’t like the way I was messed about but because I am a gay faggot cunt arsehole cocksucking shit I should be glad of his business. I think not matey.  Using that sort of language with me really shows me what a lucky escape I had, I really don’t want to meet people who think of us escorts like that.  The top and bottom of it was that he didn’t like being told I didn’t want his business in future, I don’t because I don’t like being pissed about.  If they were treated like that in their job and cancelled  with 4 minutes to go before their shift they’d still expect to be paid. That doesn’t happen in this work and it’s most annoying when it happens. You can tell when the cancellation is genuine and when it’s not. A guy sending you 20 texts in a day who cancels minutes before arrival never had any intention of setting off in the first place.

Luckily, my run of timewasters seemed to last only one day.  I am fortunate that most guys are respectful, turn up on time, keep advanced appointments ( or cancel ones they can’t with plenty of notice) and don’t expect to take the piss.  I am extremely flexible with everyone I meet, I give everyone what they want, no one leaves disappointed, however I am not flexible when my time is wasted and i’ve turned down appointments from people who genuinely wanted to book.

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