To Swallow or Not To Swallow

14th October 2011

Sometimes I think, should I swallow or not. Is the whole appointment a much better experience for my client if I swallow all of his cum ? I think I know the answer from his point of view anyway. The client probably prefers me to swallow and I really don’t mind. I always ensure I digest all of his pre-cum anyway. If it’s dribbling I either lick the end of this cock or I wipe it onto my thumb and lick it off. Most clients find that incredibly horny.

I used to be very against swallowing, I’ve never minded having a guy cum in my mouth but in the last 4 or 5 months I’ve usually swallowed more often than not. The taste only lingers for a couple of moments anyway and some blokes have lovely tasting semen.

The look on his face when he realises that I’ve swallowed the lot is amazing. The client is truly in awe of the fact that I have swallowed his 2-3 day load of spunk. It seems to give us a deeper connection and the appointment always ends with a big smile.

I usually like to finish off (after he’s cum) by cleaning his cock with my tongue and devouring all of the remaining semen that’s coated around his bell end, ensuring that none of it is wasted.

So should I swallow or not. I think I prefer to swallow and if it makes the experience better for the client then it’s a win/win situation for him isn’t it. So, next time you book, mention you want me to swallow and I’ll be glad to devour every drop of your seed. If you forget to mention it and I am having a real good time sucking on your dick, I will probably do it anyway.

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