Touching Base

Firstly, I am sorry about the lack of blog posts for the last month or so.  I have a lot going on in my life at the moment …. all good but a lot going on and its been a funny old start to the year.

I’ll start this blog post by asking “Where have all the regulars gone”.  I was just saying to a very good friend at the weekend, from the end of January to the middle of February, I was booked every day, 19 days in a row and only seen 3 regular or returning gentlemen, in that period, one of whom visited me twice.  Everyone else was new.  I am not complaining, new guys could become good regular clients in the future and I always put 110% into every appointment. Let’s see if a few of these new guys return in the next few months.

I’ve always attracted a professional clientele and the last few months have been no exception.  I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people and I am very very happy at the moment.  When you’re payed compliments on a daily basis, it really boosts your self esteem.

I have had to turn a few clients down a few times over the last few months, one of whom I think I have lost.  It couldn’t be helped.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I have a private arrangement away from my escorting work with someone special and some enquiries have clashed with the times I was away.  It happened twice in January with the same person and I think I have pissed him off a little.  I am sorry, I know I am nearly always available on demand but recently things changed a little and I’ve been having a bit of time away from home.  I work from my own home every day and so this private arrangement affords me the chance to be myself away from the glitz and filth of Steve, with someone who knows the real me.  It’s meant I have not been around as much on certain weekends but I can’t be on call all of the time.  I am sorry if I have missed anyone.

My weight has dropped dramatically over the last few months.  I have lost over 36 pounds in weight.  I have always been quite stocky but now I am much more slimmer, I can now slip into 32 inch Levis.  Quite an achievement !!!!  I have battled with my weight over the years and I am the lowest weight I have been in over 10 years.  I’ve lots of new sexy underwear too, to enhance my super tight rounded butt cheeks.  I’ve a few new horny jockstraps and some sexy sheer and mesh thongs.  You will like the new Steve.  I have a new selection of sporty tops, which don’t stop on for long and we can always have some shower fun in my super tight speedos.

Anyway I must sign off for now.  I just wanted to check in and remind you all that I have not forgotten about the blog, I just have a lot of stuff going on, I am busy busy busy with my escorting and I have a few personal things going on too, which take up a lot of my time.

I am around 10-10 most days.  Call me on 07854 146783 and don’t forget to follow my very active twitter account @stevegayescort  I post dozens of times a day with what I am up to etc.


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