Transient and Transactional

The sex industry is a business that many people consider to be transient and transactional. Clients come and go, so do escorts, both can come back full force at times and some disappear and never return.


As escorts, we’re transient, we all know that we’re not going to be doing this job forever, however if at 60, I still thought I had it and there was enough interest for a DILF Escort, I would probably give it a whirl. We’re in a profession, that most of us entered into voluntarily and most escorts last a matter of weeks or months, not years like the established escorts you see online who have a large open presence. Every few months I see new adverts pop up from escorts in my local area, which seem to last a matter of weeks then disappear. A lot of people think it’s a quick way to make fast money and I am not going to deny that it is, however if you want to make proper money from it you need to stick around for a bit and ride the quiet times and you need to quickly harden yourself and learn to live with the timewasters and rejection. Even after all of these years I can’t just simply swim along, making a living from established regular clients because guys come and go and then come back and go again. I need new, exciting gentlemen to visit me and luckily every week I am graced with the presence of one or two new faces, many of whom start to become regulars. I would love to semi-retire from escort work and just see 10 to 12 regular men but the lives of half of those men could change in the space of 12 months, making them the transient ones and then it’s me that has to go back out into the field and find new guys. Retiring from general escort work to be exclusive, then having to return to top up the numbers is a bit of a come down and just a tad embarrassing. I see a number of executives and influential people who change their jobs every two or three years. They take on a role, within their respective organisations, usually to fix something or bring their expertise to a project and then they’re off on the next challenge. They could be in Durham for 4 years and then ship off to Dubai for 3 years. That monthly appointment, you’re used to, becomes twice a year …….. if you are lucky.

It’s a transient old life for clients too. I follow a number of guys and read forum posts from gentlemen who have a regular “go-to” guy or girl. Something could drastically change in the life of that escort and they may no longer be available, therefore subjecting the client to the transient nature of escorts. I am sure many, more seasoned, clients have had to move onto one or two, brand new, regular arrangements over the years, because their regular guy or girl has moved on.


Transient and transactional go hand in hand, it’s the transactional nature of escort work that makes it transient. The quick money escorts, I mentioned earlier, being a prime example. They need £3000 to get themselves out of a tight spot, so they stick a few £4.99 adverts on-line and hope for the best. They have the potential to make that money quite quickly, it’s only 30 appointments (one a day if you look at it realistically). Once that money is made, they’re on their merry way, until the next time they need to make money, therefore becoming transient. Their lives in the sex industry are short lived. It’s a means to an end.

Many clients could say that an escort like myself, although not transient, is transactional. Yes, that could be said about anything to be honest, where money is involved but as I am not transient, I don’t consider myself to be transactional. I offer much more than a transactional arrangement. I offer an experience. To be transactional is to be transient and as I just said earlier, they seem to go hand in hand. The guy who emailed me, yesterday, via adultwork and wanted the full works for 15 minutes was looking for something transactional (see my recent twitter pictures), he wanted to pay as little as possible and get as much as he bloody well could. I refused the appointment by replying back and informing him that I would rather “Pass, on this occasion”. I considered that appointment to be transactional, however I don’t consider an overnight appointment at a five star country hotel to be transactional nor do I consider my incall overnight appointments to be transactional, I consider them to be a relaxing experience and although a transaction does take place in both monetary and sexual terms, the transaction is made, in my case, to an escort who isn’t transient and isn’t needing the money for a fast buck.

In short, many guys consider escorts to be transient, many escorts find clients to be transient, we’re both involved in the transactional aspect of it but none of the quality escorts and executive clients like it to feel that way.

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