Trucker Fuck

14th October 2012

It’s been a while since a long distance lorry driver booked my services so on Friday I was quite surprised to get a call from a guy who was parked up on the A69 Newcastle to Carlisle road.  I wasn’t even sure that the appointment would happen because his calls earlier that day didn’t convince me that he was genuine.  Once the texts start, after an initial call and requests for pictures start I usually lose interest and put the call down as another fantasist who would rather talk about an appointment than pay and have an appointment.  This guy became the exception.

After finally confirming it at 6pm, I had a drive down to where he was parked up, his truck was there as discussed and the livery and reg were correct so I walked up to the drivers side of the cab and waited and waited again and waited a bit more, phoned him but it was all to no avail, then just as I was about to pull away he came walking up a country lane and apologised for my inconvenience.  I had no idea what he was doing down the dark country lane hahaha but never mind, it wasn’t for me to question.

This was one strapping bloke, about 6ft 8, ‘tache, one bulk of a guy.  He helped me into the cab and immediately helped himself.  My jeans were off in a flash and he was straight down on my cock.  I lay on the bunk at the back of the cab whilst he slowly sucked me off, enjoying every inch of my cock and commenting on how impressive my low hanging balls were.  Rock hard, he put a rubber on my cock and sat on my thick cock and took every inch of my dick up him.  His arse was tight and moist, I was shocked that he could take cock so easily and called him a filthy slut, “Yes” he said “A filthy slut who has sat driving up the M6 with a butt plug firmly lodgedup my hole”.  Aaah that’s how my cock just slid up without any lube, the dirty fucker had been wanting the real thing all fucking day.

As there wasn’t much room to bang round in the bunk, he edged himself up off my cock a little, giving me enough room to pound his arse hard from underneath.  After about 10 minutes he wanted me to spunk, so he pulled himself off my cock and wanked me hard, with the condom still on and I shot a 5 day load of spunk into the rubber, there must have been about 7 big spurts of juicy thick cum, my cum is always thick and creamy in colour, none of his watery insipid spunk.  Clients don’t always ask me to cum so I save it up for those that want it.  He poured some of the creamy cum onto my arse and lubed up two fingers with my spunk and then shoved them up my arse whilst I sucked his mushroom headed dick.  He needed a release and soon, so he put on a condom and emptied the rest of the condom onto his cock and the crack of my arse, slapped his cock off my arse cheeks and then with no mercy he rammed the fucker right up.  I will admit, it hurt a little, you really shouldn’t just ram your cock up an arse unless you’ve already been fucking it but it felt good and it was all part of the moment.  He kept grunting, pulling it out, slapping it off my arse cheeks and ramming it back up, he fucked and fucked me some more and then pulled out and told me to “Open that cocksucking mouth” and dumped his load down my throat.  I swallowed the lot.  ”Fuck you swallowed it” he said “You’re a fucking slut”.   I always swallow trucker spunk, there’s very few places you can spit it out when you’re in the back of a truckers cab.

He jumped into the front of the cab and cleaned himself up, passed me the used wrappers to take home and gave me a bottle of water.  ”My cock’s still hard” he said “Have we got time for a quickie outside”.   Yeah ok I thought, so I jumped down the side of the cab and cocked one leg up on the step at the side of the truck.  In went his lovely cock again.  I was enjoying his cock so much that I got hard again, so he reached over and wanked me off whilst enjoying the pleasures of my arse, I was so turned on by this big brute of a bloke that I was ready to shoot a second load.  Shooting a second load is unheard of with me, I can go 10 days without cumming now I was about to do it twice in an hour.  ”I am not fucking wasting it” he said and pulled out his cock from my arse, turned me around and I shot a small thick load of cum all over his covered cock.  He then turned me back around and he fucked the cum up my arse, pulled out and told me to push out the load.  My creamy spunk from the first load and now the second ran out of my arse crack and onto the head of his cock and he said “It’s going back up that fucking cumhole” so he pushed it back up my arse with the head of his cock, fucked it in until it was churned up inside, pulled out his cock and dumped his second load all down my back and then rubbed all the spunk into my arse cheeks, at the same time, the bubbly churned up spunk started to seep down my balls. I was covered in spunk.

He was one filthy man !!!.

Just as I was leaving, I asked if he’d had a good time “Fuck Steve, my wife gives me a birthday fuck once a year, I never get depraved sleazy sex like that, of course I had a good time, I’ll wank over this for months”.

Another satisfied trucker.

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