Tuesday Trucker

9th June 2012

What’s a boy supposed to do when a trucker is at the end of his shift and needs something to shaft.

Tuesday started as a quiet day, nothing much happening, so I got on with a few things at home, went to the bank, popped to Sainsburys for cat litter, all the usual stuff you do on a normal day when nothing is going on.  On the way home I received a text “Do you fuck truckers”.  Hey I fuck anything with a cock so it was a definite yes.

I didn’t receive anymore replies until about 6pm when I received another text asking if I took cock deep and hard.  Normally this is a warning sign to ignore the text because guys who text like this arn’t usually going to book.  I sent a normal but fun reply and within 5 minutes I received a phone call from the same person.  ”Would you travel to a layby outside Hexham”, he said.  For a trucker I would travel anywhere LOL.

50 minutes later, I arrived at the layby, I wasn’t exactly sure which one he was at but I knew the registration and the livery on the side of the truck so it wasn’t hard to find.  He was one bulk of a guy, bearded, hairy, the sort of trucker that makes you go moist.  I got into the cab, the curtains already drawn and he offered me a tea.  ”Let’s get down to business” he said and within about 5 or 6 minutes, I was bollock naked with a butt plug up my arse.

His cock was a nice size, not huge but it had girth, really thick and juicy, there was no foreplay, the butt plug was taken out and his cock was pushed inside.  ”Nice bit of tight fucking arse is what this West Country man needs, nice bit of tight arse”.  He fucked away at my arse until he was about to cum and then pulled out.  The butt plug went straight back up.

He was into edging, which is where you stop when you feel you’re going to come and then when the sensation subsides you start again, so within another 5 minutes, the butt plug was back out and his cock was back up, “Dirty fucking whore, taking trucker cock” he said with each push, stretching my arse with his fat cock.  I got about 15 strokes before he pulled out again and in went 3 or 4 fingers, opening up my hole even more for cock, then it went back up again.  He fucked me silly until he could wait no more and then shot a massive load of cum, pulled out and emptied the contents of the rubber onto my dick and slowly wanked me with his spunk as lube, whilst biting on my nipples and fondling my balls.

Ten minutes later his cock was back to full attention and it was on with the ride again until he pulled out and gave me a small but reasonable dump of spunk in my mouth, enough to satisfy my taste for trucker men.

Nice guy too, one hell of a fuck and another trucker serviced quite nicely.

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