Use My Arse

19th May 2012

Well… what an interesting week

I’ve been top all week bar one appointment. I’ve fucked a married man, a stocky builder type, a late teen, an older manual worker and a chinese guy but I’d have to say that the highlight of the week was my late night incall from a guy who simply wanted to use my arse.

He walked into the bedroom, pulled down my pants, stuck his tongue in my hole and then shoved his big fat dick in my arse and fucked me stupid, non stop, without pulling out for 8 or 9 minutes. He shot his load all over my back then shoved his cock back up there until he was satisfied that he’d used my arse enough. To say I was a bit sore was an understatement. He then lay down on the bed and it grew again and this time I had to take control and ride it until I got a second load. The second load took about 15 minutes, then he pulled out his dick and rammed his dick right down the back of my throat and made me swallow the lot. Back on the bed, on all fours, he got hard again and fucked me stupid from behind whilst whacking my cheeks with his hand, calling me a dirty fuck slut.

3 fucks, 3 cums from a guy in his late 50s


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