Use What You Have

I am not a skinny rentboy type escort.  I am a big bloke.  I am 6ft tall with a broad chest, runners legs and a rugby build.  I have tried to make the best of what I have got and it doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Last night, a guy phoned me asking for a 9.30pm incall appointment, let me talk about myself for five minutes then said “I was looking for someone 20”.  I run dozens of classified adverts, I have my own website and twitter account and it’s glaringly obvious that I am not 20.  I also mentioned my age within the first twenty seconds.

Over the years I have looked after myself.  I don’t suffer from hair loss, I don’t have any lines on my face or brow, my hands arn’t wrinkled, my bum is absolutely perfect but it’s come at a price.  Everyday I ensure I use a variety of cosmetic potions to try and keep my skin in immaculate condition.  These treatments include day and night cream, eye gel to remove dark circles, intimate shaving and once a month a back wax.  I also dye my hair back to my natural colour every week.  I went grey at 26 which was young and worse because I have a full head of hair.  If you are a stocky baldy type it doesn’t really show but it does when you’re 26 with no receding patches.  I trim my beard every other day. I do charcoal face masks and I generally look after myself to the best of my ability.

You have to be immaculately clean for clients inside and out so I have to use a douche (internal shower) to ensure I am perfect for every appointment, as I said earlier, I shave my bits and pieces and my bum every morning with an original bic razor as I find them to be the only razor that can successfully shave coarse hair in an instant.  I answer my phone at all times, unless you have been a timewaster in the past or I am busy, I return all calls, texts and I answer all emails within about 15 to 30 minutes.  I don’t ever ring or text clients after an appointment or tout for work.  I have my website, classified adverts and twitter to tout for work.  My attitude to the work, coupled with my persona and physical attributes seem to attract the men folk and it all seems to work very well indeed.

I am not porn star material, I am not thin and I am not fat.  I am just a normal size and I think that’s mostly the appeal that I have to the gentlemen that visit me.  I don’t intimidate them by having a six pack, I don’t have an all over tan and I don’t religiously talk about my time in the Gym.  I have a Home Gym with a cross trainer and treadmill and do about 20 miles a week on it to keep trim and keep my heart healthy.

I use what I have, a nice personality, nice house, nice bum and nice lunch box (I am reasonably well endowed as any man who has visited can verify).  If I can’t win them over with those qualities then it’s their loss.  I never cry over spilt clients.

When I first started escort work, I was told by a friend (who was a female escort) that I was sat on a goldmine.  She said that I was sat on a fortune and to never ever doubt my potential.  I do know that guys really do like me and I know this because they come back to see me time and time again.  If I wasn’t good, in their eyes, they wouldn’t come back.  I don’t like Heinz Beans so I don’t ever buy them and so it’s the same with escort/sexwork, if you didn’t like the experience you would hardly pay for a second innings.

I am very fortunate that I am one of very few gay male escorts that has been successful enough to make a career out of what I have got.  I am unassuming too.  If you met me in the street in an accountancy fashion, you would never in a million years think that this bearded stocky bloke also entertained men on various occasions during the day and had them come back time and time again.  I am not a jobbing escort, doing odd appointments here and there once or twice a month, it’s my main occupation and I am damn good at it.  I have another job but I only do that on a very part time basis, mainly as a front for family and friends, however it also provides me with a guaranteed income should I break my leg or have an accident which would mean I couldn’t entertain for a while.  I let that career slide for years but three years ago I reignited that string to my bow after finishing my qualifications.

In the sex industry, you have to use what you have to the best advantage.  Some will be successful at it, some won’t.  Some escorts are better looking, have better bodies and bigger cocks than me, they don’t always have the commitment and understanding of the industry to be a success though.  You can’t be an independent escort and switch your phone off for days on end because the guys get bored trying your number and will just simply ring the next number that they see online. This could have been someone that seen you once and visited another ten times over the next two years.  Having your phone off as an independent escort can cost you thousands of pounds.

I feel that I have the balance right, or as right as I can make it and I have learned to use what I have and try to be myself. I don’t always get it right but at least you can all see that I put the commitment into what I do.  Like with everything in life, you have to get out there and grab the opportunities because life doesn’t come to you.  Use what you have and work hard at it.

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