Wednesday Ramblings

It’s an odd little week this week.  Its relatively quiet as opposed to most weeks, some of which I put down to guys conserving their November pay for Christmas presents.  I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done apart from a few pressies for the cats.

Had a couple of nice clients in, no new clients to speak of, all regulars and I’ve got an overnight in London at the weekend so I can’t really complain.  Lots of withheld calls this week which is quite unusual. Luckily my work phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and so I can block withheld calls and send them straight to voicemail.  I sometimes relent and start answering withheld calls but on the whole they’re nearly all timewasters and no shows.  I respectfully ask them to call me back but most don’t and if the guy is in a hotel I will always gladly call him back via the hotel switchboard if he doesn’t want to use his mobile phone to call me, all they have to do is leave a message.  I say time and time again to withheld incall guys “If you can’t trust me with your number, I simply can’t trust you with my address” and I say to withheld outcall guys “If you’re happy to furnish me with your home address, why not your mobile number”.  
I am thinking of doing a tour in the new year, I have no idea where at this stage. A twitter friend chatted to me by Direct Message the other day and suggested an idea, which didn’t sound too bad.  Get a client to book your hotel for you and then give him a generous few hours of your time for free, that way anything else you make whilst there is yours.  I am not sure how that could work, but it’s an idea to think about. He gets an appointment for the cost of a hotel room for two nights, you get the accommodation paid and your only real outlay is your travel costs to the venue,  I suppose it’s not a bad little idea and guarantees your accommodation costs are covered.   The worst thing about tours is the cancellations and the guys who book weeks in advance and suddenly have a major drama on the day.  Thing is you could have turned down that 3pm appointment time, five times over and they don’t really appreciate that.
I am busy thinking about what toys and fun items to take to London with me at the weekend, I will have more room as I am going to take an overnight case with me rather than my usual outcall satchel.  It’s easier to cart around London and easier for the train.  I am going to take down my nice little leather spanking whip, we could have some fun with that, its a one that doesn’t hurt too much and doesn’t leave marks. I’ve seen this guy before and I know what he likes and so I think it might go down well.  I always try and think ahead and think outside the box and if it doesn’t get used there was no harm in taking it along anyway. I had better try and find out where my spare lube is for Outcalls too as I noticed yesterday that I was running low and have you tried buying KY In supermarkets. Its bloody expensive for the amount you get,  I prefer to get mine online in bulk.  Condoms are no bother because I get them for free but the lube sachets are fiddly as fook and annoying at the best of times.
I’ve been doing a bit of extra online marketing in the last few days, one of which was bringing this blog back up to date. I get hundreds of hits every day on the blog, so I am going to revamp some of the about me pages on it over the next few days and I have created a few new profiles on some external sites, some free trials and others were just free anyway. It’s always worth giving the free trial sites a whirl because then can lead to a few appointments and once you know they work, you don’t mind paying out the tenner a month for them if it brings in more work and a few new clients, who could end up becoming regulars.  I object to paying out for advertising in the first month, especially sites that badger you on twitter to join, who then have a hidden registration fee or charge to display your phone number.  I know adultwork charge to display your phone number but a few sex chat calls a week more than covers your display charges. I usually keep my sex chat active on adultwork all day because you never know who is going to be horny and when they need that release.  There isn’t that option on other sites and so if you’re going to market yourself as a listing site for escorts, at least give the escorts a suck it and see trial so they can make their own mind up what works.
Enough ramblings for now.  I need to get a shower and have some lunch, see what comes my way today and maybe play around with my blog pages a little and use this excellent marketing tool to it’s best advantage.

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  1. Greetings, at tour where the client ( fuck Fan) pays for the hotel and gets a free ride, interesting. Steve your bum has a magnetic pull so powerful it can drag blokes in from North west ( wink) If not the whole norther hemisphere, Ha. You write well a Talent, I’m in the word business so should know, so keep it up Steve. I love your blog, twiter and texts. A Newcastle exile.

  2. Hello Mister. Well maybe you could pay my Manchester Hotel and we could discuss my favour back to you. Food for thought. You have my number

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