We’re All Dirty Bastards

30th March 2013

It’s well documented from my blog and twitter posts that almost every gentleman who visits me, or who I visit, identifies himself as “Straight”.  The usual line after they’ve come in my mouth is “I am not gay you know”.  I never thought any of them were.

I have quite a lot of married clients, most of whom would never think of going to cruising area, many of whom skive off for half an hour during the day when they’re running about in the car and pop in and see me.  I’ve no doubt that they see other gay and female escorts, that doesn’t bother me and their sexual kinks are none of my business,

Clients don’t need to justify their sexual orientation to an escort, male or female.   I personally prefer the more masculine, straight, heterosexual, hairy beefy type, which is usually the norm that walks though my door.

A few clients have told me over the years that they come to see me, as opposed to other local gay escorts, because I am dependable, I always answer my phone, I rarely take time off, I’ve a nice place but most importantly, I am not camp, not skinny and not a bitchy chain smoking type.   I am just a normal mid 30’s bloke.  They want stability when seeing a male escort, someone who doesn’t kiss and tell and who on the whole will be available at their convenience.  Granted, I rarely take appointments after 10pm unless I know the guy but it’s rare for me to turn down an appointment at any time.  If I can’t do the time they want, I will do as near damn close to it as I can.

I find the “married types” to be clean, respectful and appreciative of what’s on offer.  They know I am filthy in bed and I am told time and time again how I offer the best deep throat in Newcastle,  ”Far superior to any of the escort girls on Adultwork”  one client recently told me.  I had a recent appointment with a guy from AW who not only came back to me within a month for a repeat appointment but also told other “open minded” people he chats with about my service.  That’s the type of praise I like to hear.

I have a regular delivery guy, he used to come to see me every 6 weeks or so and then he suddenly stopped.  Last month he returned.  He’d been booking a number of female escorts regularly and he liked dildo action on his arse.  A few of the girls were quite shocked that this VERY masculine bald headed guy with a stylish sleeve tattoo would want his arse fucked.  One girl asked him if he was gay, another went through the motions but wasn’t the slightest bit interested and a third said she had toys for “female use only”.  I even said to him at the time “She only needed to put a condom on it”.  The thing that disappointed him the most was the girl who asked him if he was gay.  I’ve NEVER asked a client if he was gay.  What a horrid thing to say to him when he doesn’t identify himself as being gay, it really took him aback and at the end of the day, what business was it of hers.  I got him back and instead of the dildo, he got the real thing once again.  He got dressed, paid me the money and just as he was leaving the door he said

“Thanks again Steve mate, you’re so good at that but at the end of the day we must all be dirty bastards”.

Yep…………… you certainly are

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