What Do The Executive Clients Expect

Total Discretion… Total Discretion… Total Discretion…. oh and Total Discretion

I was chatting to a client last night, who is an executive and we got talking about his love of younger guys.  Yes I am in my mid to late 30’s and he admitted that he gets turned on by discussing and having sex with guys 21-24  but added that he’s found them to be the worst escorts about in terms of discretion and reliability.

It seems in London, you can pick up a guy every night of the week, 365 days of the year and still never make your way through the vast amounts of new guys, coming into escorting for the first time, some of whom only stick at the work a few weeks, some make a career out of it, however my client last night said that for reliability, especially when playing away from home, he prefers the stability of someone 30-45 who he knows is going to be reliable and respectful, hence why he makes an appointment to see me whenever he is back in Newcastle. The top and bottom of the discussion was that if you’re not interested in seeing a guy for a second time and its just a bit of paid casual sex, London is ideal, but if you’re 250 miles from home it’s often better to see someone that you know isn’t going to disappoint you or waste your valuable time.

After a few glasses of wine and a frank discussion on why guys my age are better than the twinkie twenties, we got out the handcuffs and the spanking paddle and I showed him just how dominant I can be at times, all of which was within the parameters he set, something he knows he can do with me and which other guys may struggle with because they’ve no idea what parameters are never mind how far you can push someone.  Fun was had by all and even though he insisted he wouldn’t be able to cum during our extended appointment, I most certainly made sure he did.  I’m good !!!!

I see a number of executive guys, none of whom know each other or know about each other.  I never discuss clients, what they do for a living, where they take me etc with other clients, I keep all of that information to myself, it’s a very personal experience seeing an escort and that personal experience needs to remain personal.  I am middle class and was brought up reasonably well and was taught that discretion was the key to success.  Once again last night I was dismayed to learn that an escort, whom he liked and had seen a few times took it upon himself to text my client on a number of occasions trying to drum up trade.  Yet another executive client who was horrified at this practice and who admitted it was the escorts downfall and kiss of death because he would never see an escort again who did that.  He said that I was totally discreet, he’s seen me on a number of occasions and never once have I initiated any contact and that’s what he likes.  He likes the fact I’m there when he needs me and he doesn’t need me to be needy.  What he couldn’t understand and to be honest, what I can’t understand is why escorts feel it’s acceptable to start contacting clients, weeks and months, after an appointment, without any due care about their personal life.

I think I get the balance right with my executive clients, they know I am very intelligent, can have a conversation about almost anything that interests them, they know I don’t go telling Tom, Dick or Harry about who fucked me last night and that an appointment with me is more than an appointment, it’s an experience and I am glad to say, nearly all of my successful businessmen come back to me time and time again.  I am on their wavelength and my attention to detail, discretion and all round package is second to none.

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