What Do You Do ?

10th August 2011

Hmm, what do I do ?

I am asked this all the time, what don’t I do is probably easier.  I try and work out what the client wants when he enquires and then I tailor my services around that.

Sucking – Yes I do this, I do this very well according to most of the guys that have booked an appointment and I am excellent at deep throat, guys can’t believe how deep they can penetrate my mouth and throat.  Years of practice !!!   Everyone gags a little and if it’s too deep I will adjust my position.  For deep deep throat it’s easier to be in a 69 position with the guy on top of me pushing his cock down because when lying down your throat is in a relaxed position and I always find it makes it easier.

Completion – Oh yes, this isn’t a problem, infact if a guy is wanking himself off and about to cum I usually tell him to stuff it in my mouth.  It’s always amazed me how many escorts don’t allow cum in mouth.  I’ll be perfectly honest, the taste of spunk does nowt for me but I can live with it for a few seconds before I discreetly deposit it into a small towel or tissue.

Swallow – I am not fond of swallowing but if it makes you happy I will, I have no objections to it.  I will swalllow if your cock is at the back of my throat when cumming because it just goes down naturally anyway and you don’t get any after taste.  Once it’s in my mouth though I lose the drive to swallow it and would rather deposit it on a tissue, if you prefer me to swallow then mention it before you cum.

Docking – Ever tried it ??  It’s where I pull my foreskin so it covers the head of your cock and then wank both cocks with one hand in a rocking motion, it’s can be very horny, I am surprised at how many guys haven’t heard of it.

Fucking (Passive) – Oh I love being fucked, I love the sound a guy makes when he enters my moist, tight arse for the first time, the noise it makes as it pumps in and out of my arsehole.  I am quite supple and flexible and can manage a lot of different positions.  As I have mentioned any times my arse is always thoroughly douched for up to 20 minutes before your appointment, there will be no nasties when you pull your cock out from my arse.  I can take up to (and including) 9 inches and if your cock is thick and fat it’s not a problem, just give me a few minutes to adjust to the size and then you can fuck away until your hearts content, for as long as you want.

Fucking (Active) – Yes, if you want cock, I will get myself up there.  I usually start with rimming it out, giving it a lot of tongue action, then I tease it with a butt plug, getting you used to the size of the toy before entering with my cock.  I don’t advise any first timers to bend over and want it shoved up their hole.  God no, you’ll do yourself an injury.  Your arse needs to be opened up in stages otherwise it will hurt.  If done properly it can be one of the most pleasureable experiences known to man.  If a guy has never been fucked before and comes to see me and wants me to fuck him, we will do it my way or not at all.  I am not here to hurt anyone or make the appointment uncomfortable.

Quickies – Yes I do a quick blow job service for £20 and a quick fuck me and blow job for £30.  They’re quickies, hence the price, they’re not a half hour and they’re not for me to cum or fuck you.  They’re offered on the basis that you get to fuck my arse or get sucked off, shoot your load and get on with your day.  They’re ideally suited to men on a lunch break, Mr White Van Man and those needing a quick release.  I don’t offer them on outcalls under any circumstances.

Rimming – Yes, this is always on the cards, I am happy to lick your arse out but will ask that you shower on my premises beforehand, otherwise this activity would not normally be offered.  This can be an intensely pleasureable experience for the recipient but I need you to be immaculately clean before hand.  It’s not much to ask.  I will never say no to being rimmed myself, I love it !!!

Threesomes –  Yes I can see two of you but it is double the fee, I don’t see two guys so they can just pay half each.  I usually have twice as much work to do in those appointments and want paid accordingly.  I do not allow two men to visit my incall premises sorry unless I know you but I will gladly visit your home or hotel.  I don’t see male/female couples.  I am gay !

Watersports – I don’t list it as a service but I can offer it if I know well in advance.   I can’t wee on demand and it’s unreasonable to expect me to.  I don’t mind being pissed on if that’s your thing but I will shower immediately during the appointment time because the smell can be quite pungent sometimes.  I don’t allow guys to piss in mouth.

Spanking – Yes I can be spanked, I don’t mind this at all but no marks please because someone else may want to book me later that day and it wouldn’t look good being all red raw, now would it ?

Outdoors – I prefer not to meet outdoors, it’s nothing against the person enquiring but I have such a lovely incall premises it really isn’t necessary to meet outdoors.  I do however meet men/truckers at truck stops (one of my favourite appointments) and I will meet regulars outdoors but generally I don’t do car sex.

Domination – Nope sorry, I am not dominant in nature, I just can’t be authorative enough or stern enough to tell you what to do.  I can recommend others will will though.  I am crap at it and I know I am so I’d rather not take your money for a service I can not offer.

Outcalls – As you probably gathered from reading my blog, I tend to offer incalls.  I will offer outcalls and come well equipped on my travels but I will travel a maxium of 10-15 miles for new clients and about 20-25 miles for known clients.  I don’t excessively hike up my prices for outcalls but do ask that you make it a 1 hour appointment or more if you’re more than 15 miles away.  I am not doing 50 mile round trips for 30 minute appointments.  It’s not worth my while.

There you have it, my general list of services.  You should be able to work from that detailed list if I am the right escort for you.  I am not a skinny twinky type though, I am a well built hairy bloke with a goatee beard.  I will however, give you the time of your life and I assure you’ll want to come back again.

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