1st July 2012

Just had a guy come to my house, came in, handed over the fee, went into the bedroom and the following happened :-

He came in, bent me over the bed, pulled my pants down, got the tub of lube off the side of the bed, dispensed it on my arse crack so it trickled down, stuck his dick up, fucked me, pulled out, shot over my back and arse, took me in the shower, tongued my arse out, stuck his dick back up bending me over as much as he could, fucked me with about 20 strokes of his dick, turned me around and got me on my keees and got me to suck it, dumped the second load down the back of my throat (it was that deep I didn’t even taste it), turned me around, put his dick back up again and fucked me stupid for 20 minutes until he shot his third load.

He left the shower, put his clothes on and said “See you again mate sometime, that was crackin, I am off to meet my mates in town for the final tonight”

All in 28 minutes

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