Who Are These Regular Clients ?

I get a number of phone calls a day, many many texts (oh do they like to text) and often they’ll say, I’ve been to see you before.

I like seeing regular clients and I am lucky that nearly 75% of my work is with guys I have seen time and time again, I tend to know what they like in advance and can plan the appointment to their taste.  Some, like a gentleman who booked last week, may see me for the first time and then follow it up with an email, often planning their next illicit liaison with me and discussing how adventurous they will be on our next meet.

Some guys think they’re a regular client on their second appointment.  If that second appointment is within a month of the first then they’re on their way to becoming a regular client but I tend to class regular clients as guys who see me as opposed to other gay escorts and who want to explore their sexuality with me.  They may visit me once a fortnight, like one or two of the guys I see, or they might come and visit me twice a year.  I has a visit from one lovely client last week on the evening of the 28th May but didn’t realise I had seen him 2 years prior to this visit on the 28th May 2011 and after the appointment he said he will endevour to book me again for 28th May next year because he comes back to Newcastle once a year for a family engagement.  Now he’s just once a year (or two years in this case) but if he books again he’ll be a sort of regular client.

One of my very very regular clients just dropped off the face of the earth last winter.  I used to see him every week to ten days for about 2 years.  He was always in a mad rush and always full on, onto business, shower, dressed and away.  I wondered if he was ok, had an accident or moved away, but it seems he’s still around and must have another gay escort on the go.  I know he’s around and in good health because he’s a prominent local businessman.  Hopefully he will come back at some stage and resume bedroom activities with me again.

One of my favourite regular clients, books an appointment every 2-3 weeks.  I never go more than 2-3 weeks without an appointment from him and if he clashes with a booking I already have, he will always book the following day or the day after, I sort of know when he’s on my radar and have a fair idea when I am going need to travel out to Corbridge to see him.  What I don’t understand is why some clients say they’re going to become regular and then don’t.  Last summer I seen a fantastic guy in the West End of Newcastle.  My type of bloke, bald, rugged, tats, big cock, shaven in the right areas and very active in the bedroom.  He booked me at 1pm to visit him at his home.  I went to visit him, had a fab time, drove home then got a text asking me to come back.  Went back, had a very hard shag with his massive cock which went on forever because he’d already cum once and at the end of it he said, “We’ll make this a regular thing, I love your arse, come back next week, I’ll text you”.  I’ve never heard from him again.  He seen me twice in one day and never contacted me again.  I didn’t understand why he would want to mention the possibility of regular appointment, to then never book again.  Odd

Regular clients, to me, are guys I have probably seen 3-4 times and who have a cycle, be it once a week, once a month or once a year.  You tend to know when they’re coming back to see you.  Regulars arn’t guys you see once in a blue moon even though they probably think they’re regular, when in reality they’re nothing of the sort.

I like my regulars, they’re the guys who keep the roof over my head and I try to make the sex spontaneous, adventurous and different for them each time whereas at the same time keeping it within their limits and boundaries.

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