Why Do They Do It – Two Strange Instances

There are two stories here, both things involving local people, they are not connected but this will give you an idea of what I have to put up with at times.

A month or so ago, I seen a client who said he had phoned me for an appointment and when I answered I sounded completely different.  The guy told him Steve wasn’t around today and he was offered someone else.  He thought he must have telephoned the wrong number and tried me again from the number on my website, found me and came along that evening.  I never thought much of this until last weekend.  I thought that maybe he had simply seen my details and rang the number underneath by accident.  Things like this do happen.

Last Saturday, a regular, trusted client came to visit me and he said “Someone in Newcastle is advertising as you with a different number”.  He showed me the advert and blimey yes, they were my details, my pictures but a completely different number.  He told me he had called the number out of curiosity as it’s not the number he’s dialled for the past six years and not one I advertise with on twitter or on my website.  He was told that this guy was indeed Steve and was based in the city centre, not Gosforth.  He wondered if I had moved or if I had decided to work at a massage studio in town.   I explained I had not done either and he could clearly see that as he was here visiting my apartment, where he had visited ever since his first appointment.

Last Sunday I started searching online.  Because I am so well known there are not many escorts in the UK called Steve.  Most escorts are respectful enough not to use the name of someone established and they don’t want a mix up between themselves and someone else anyway as it’s of no benefit to the client.  I found the advert once again and sent a text message to the number to find out why they were advertising as me.  There’s enough room for two Steve’s in Newcastle but there’s no room for guys pretending to be me to get clients.

Within five minutes of my enquiry, I got a reply, this quite surprised me.  It was his friends phone apparently and he had just obtained the sim card back and didn’t realise that this person had been advertising as me.  If you believe that then you believe that Theresa May has the best interests of Brexit at heart.  They had apparently swapped sims with each other (for some unknown reason) and he now had his sim back after they had fallen out.  Twenty minutes later another text message came through from a new number.  Someone claiming to be the mother of this escort (yes it’s that bizarre) telling me that she would get this “sorted”.  I told her that I wanted the adverts removed by Friday or I would seek legal advice.  The adverts were removed two days later on Tuesday.

Why would someone want to do this and why all of the lies and drama about swapped sims and texts from his alleged mother.  It all worked out ok in the end  but had a client not told me about it, this guy would still be advertising as me.  If you want to work as an escort, please give it a whirl, just don’t pretend to be someone who has a very good reputation in the area or claim that I am not around and push yourself instead.

This gets me onto my second local issue……….

Again, about a month ago, I received an email from a client telling me that I was being discussed on a local facebook notice board.  The post had been removed but before it was removed he had obtained a screen grab of it.  It wasn’t anything nasty about me.  I advertise on the internet and many people know I live in Gosforth but they used me to poke fun at a group of local residents and mentioned “Gosforth Gay Escort Steve” on the post.  I had the guys name from the screen grab and once again, like the guy last weekend, I did a search online for him.  A quick look on Companies House at Directors Reports found the gentleman who made the post.  I found his company website and on the key people page was this guy, same guy who had a number of pictures on his facebook open for all to see.  Bingo.

Over the course of an evening I @ this guy in a number of twitter posts, using their company twitter account, asking why he was attempting to out me.  As a sex worker this puts me in a vulnerable position and although I live quite close to this person, we have never met each other, nor do we know each other but he thought it was acceptable to use my name, my profession and my business to cause ridicule to others. He was making me look indiscreet to possible customers who live in the community.  I also live in that community and do not actively advertise myself to local people. By @ his business into my posts on twitter I was alerting his customers to the fact that he did this and this didn’t go down well.  I also emailed him that evening to his company email address laying down what I had been told, what I had a copy of and what had been subsequently removed by the forum members of the group page, before my client screen grabbed it.

After many emails, we decided to part on neutral terms, I agreed to remove the tweets and he agreed not to mention me.  I do not market myself on local facebook groups, I keep my business and myself discreet and under the radar and when this was put on the other foot, the response was as I expected…….he didn’t like it.

I have agreed not to name this gentleman, his company or what he did provided he keeps his end of the deal and does not mention me in public again.  I have had no further cause for concern but if I do see it again, I will involve my police liaison officers from Northumbria Police.  I have called on them on two occasions before, once over malicious phone calls where a guy was making these calls from his office phone at All Saints Business Park in Newcastle (they can trace withheld calls) and once over a guy who was sending me text messages telling me which lights were on in my home, which really spooked me and without hesitation I will gladly do it again.  Both gentlemen were visited by police officers, one at his work place in front of colleagues.

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