Why Do You Stay In The Sex Industry ?

I’ve been asked this a lot recently by guys, “Why do you carry on with sex work”, “Have you thought about giving it up”.  Yes, I will be honest, I think about it all the time, would I give it up…… probably not.

It’s a job where I am in control (some guys seem to forget that), it’s a job that is extremely flexible yet tying at the same time.  I have more free time than you can shake a shitty stick at, but I am permanently on call and sometimes I am away for days on end, travelling abroad to see guys.

I do everything from a quick bit of fun to weekends away and I have had appointments at both ends of that spectrum and everything in between already in 2014.  I’ve had white van man turn up for 4 minutes and I’ve been to Germany for a whole weekend with a gentleman.  I’ve had a number of overnights, dozens of 4 hour appointments and more hotel appointments than I have ever had, so why would I want to give up a job that allows me to pick and choose what I do around my appointments.

It’s a highly anti-social job.  Friends don’t always understand when you cancel a Friday night out, they wonder why you don’t answer your phone on demand and get annoyed when you won’t commit to something.  I do know that they roll their eyes at me at times.  It can’t be helped.  Very very very few family and friends know what I actually do for a living, some do, but not many and so having to explain to them with a lie is difficult at times.

I stay in the sex industry because it suits me. I know some guys have said in a round about way that they think I’m a bit lazy and that I don’t want a “proper job” and I know I am well paid for the times that I entertain but I am on call for 12-18 hours a day, every day.  I can’t stray very far and I also have to answer the door with a smile and a flirtatious manner, no matter how I feel that day.  I don’t think after all these years of being self sufficient and independent that I could go back to a 9-5 job, I’d be bored and thinking about all the appointments I was missing and lets face it, no office job is going to pay me the sort of money I can earn being an escort if I go back into the work place from scratch.

As I get older, I am constantly changing and pressing ahead with new developments to my service.  I am moving more into a Gentleman Escort market and moving myself away from the half hours and the quickies.  This is something I am already having a lot of success at, even though I have only moved down this new avenue in the last year or so.  I’ve decided to use the skills from my middle class upbringing and first class education and put them to some good use and develop a new brand for myself.  I’ve a lot in common with the Executives and Senior Management types.  I grew up as the child of a senior manager and I was already in middle management in my 20’s so I have a fair idea of how to hold a knife and fork and present myself correctly.

Why do I stay in the sex industry ?  Well I came into it as a naive early 20’s lad and I’ve now matured into a late 30’s gentleman who knows a bit about what they’re doing and it’s perfect for me.  It’s the perfect job for me where I can be the real me, converse at anyone’s level and enjoy myself along the way.  Why would I want to leave such a fantastic job that allows me to travel to appointments throughout the UK and the world, to stay in luxury hotels and see wonderful men.  It would be madness to throw in the towel when I am at a level where I can command work, not seek it and find myself being adored by men who want someone a little bit more middle class and refined, who follows current affairs and is reliable and trustworthy.

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  1. Hey Steve – really like the blog, been reading for a while so set my own. Have a read? appreciated.

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