Why I Prefer Married Men

I had a dreadful appointment today. It started off earlier today with a phone call and he sounded lovely, he was well spoken, courteous and sounded rather sexy.  He confirmed at the time he said he would and everything looked rosy in the garden.

He arrived more or less on time, came in and made an excuse that he couldn’t get as much out of the cash machine as he hoped, so cut the appointment time.  This does happen from time to time and there’s very little I can do about it, especially when they’re here. It doesn’t start the appointment off on a good footing.

It transpired he was a gay man and he did the typical gay man appointment which is completely different to a married/openminded man appointment. He was demanding, rude, obnoxious and expected me to be rock hard throughout. Why do gay men, when paying for an escort service think they have the right to be down right rude and horrible to the person they’re expecting to provide them with a sexual service.  I never have problems getting erections but I just couldn’t do it. He was very good looking and physically turned me on but his attitude certainly didn’t.

Not all gay men are like this but this one was more of the norm than the exception yet their heterosexual counterparts are the complete opposite. I am person providing a service, not a machine and don’t care to be treated in such a way.

Ninety five out of one hundred guys I see are in the heterosexual/married man camp and they’re the men I prefer to see.  I am proud to be gay but I really don’t like to have sex with a certain type of gay man that this work sometimes attracts..

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