Withheld Numbers

19th August 2011

I can understand the need for privacy, it may be the first ever time you have called an escort and it’s been at the back of your mind “Blimey, what if they keep my number and start calling me back on it”.

If you genuinely want to book an escort you’re likely to get a frosty reception if you call from a withheld number. Most escorts don’t even answer withheld calls. Those that do will usually give you one word answers, very few escorts will give you their address on a withheld call.

Yesterday I received a call from a gentleman who sounded nice, he had a well rounded voice, well spoken, businessman type. He wanted an incall on Friday and wanted “details”. I had already noticed that the call was withheld before I answered it. He asked which part of Gosforth I lived in. I wasn’t prepared to give out the location and gave him a vague landmark, I said I would give him more information if he called me from a number that wasn’t withheld or gave me a number to call him back on. I was greeted with “Sod you then, your loss”. Actually it’s not my loss at all. I’d rather not be in a vulnerable position, giving my address out to someone who has something to hide. Sadly he couldn’t see that and I’d rather not see someone who has the attitude of “Sod you then”, the appointment wasn’t going to be great in the first place if he carries on like that and won’t compromise.

I’ve had the odd guy call me from a withheld number and explain their circumstances, one guy was using an office line which was blocked but gave me his work mobile to call him back on, one of my regular clients I see once a fortnight calls me from a withheld number too at work but I know who he is, he’s been here over a dozen times. At the end of the day, put yourself in our shoes. Would you accept calls from anonymous numbers, I don’t think many of you would. Would you travel 30 miles to see someone who blocked their number in the first place……. no I don’t think you’d bother. If you’re on a withheld and only ever hear our voicemail, take the hint and unblock it or leave a message with your number for us to call back on. You’ll get a much better response.

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