Withheld Numbers

12th June 2012

Oh dear, have I had a week of them. Why do guys ring on withheld or blocked numbers and expect me to discuss their sordid fantasies on the phone or list my do’s and don’ts.  One even asked how long I had been doing this for.  What business is that to a guy on a withheld number.  When I said “You ask a lot of questions for someone on a withheld number”, he said “Well what does it matter”.  It matters enough to you that you don’t want me even knowing the mobile or landline number you are calling from, so yes it matters.

I had one guy ask how to get to my home on the bus and which bus stop to get off at.  When I questioned the withheld number, he said “Well I need privacy mate”……………………. so does Steve. I don’t mind answering withheld calls.  The 07854 146783 number is only for escort work, I have a personal phone for my family and friends so I know it’s not going to be any of those people.  Sometimes the withheld call is a guy calling me from work, who might happen to be a regular and sometimes it’s hotel switchboard, sometimes it’s the local newspaper I advertise in, so I usually answer the calls but guys often take offence and think I am being cagey with them.  I am cagey with them because withheld screams “SOMETHING TO HIDE”.

It’s the same as payphones.  Why would any escort want to take an incall from someone in a payphone, I value my safety and privacy.  Payphones mean trouble.  I will never see anyone who phones from a payphone unless they’re in a hotel and I can call them back via the switchboard. So……. all you withheld guys.  If you want to be taken seriously, please forward your number.  I am not tarring all withheld guys with the same brush but I am saying this……… Ring withheld if you like but if the escort, be it myself or someone else, is a bit evasive at your questions, think why we’re being like that.  We’re allowed privacy too and don’t expect any escort to give you their home address on a withheld number and certainly don’t expect any escort to travel to your home when you’re good enough to furnish an address but not good enough to furnish your number.

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