You See…. I Fancy Being An Escort

I think it’s high time I touched on this subject.  Guys who want me to help them become escorts.

When I first got into this work, I had no help, I had to work out which adverts worked, which ones didn’t, which clients I appealed to and which guys were not interested in the likes of me.  I then had to focus on my finest attributes and work on a game plan to turn myself around from occasional, jobbing escort, to one that’s known throughout the North East and indeed throughout the country.

This wasn’t an easy feat.  I’ve been timewasted more times than a priest has fooked a choirboy.  I’ve driven out to hoax appointments and had drunks turn up at 11pm that I can’t get rid of and I taken everything in my stride and learnt from my mistakes.  I’ve worked out which websites are good to market yourself on, I’ve worked out which places to avoid, I’ve introduced set times and rules that I don’t break and I’ve done it all by myself.

If you fancy being a hairdresser on Gosforth High Street, the last thing you’re gonna do is pop into the hairdressers next door to your new venture and ask him how busy he is and where he gets his customers from, potentially poaching someone elses client base.  Yes there’s nothing to stop you setting up in competition next door if you want, plenty do it, but it would be a brave man or woman to tap the competition for tips……… so……… why do guys and girls think it’s acceptable to ask me for advice on setting up in competition with me in the same town, marketing themselves at the same clients.  It beggars belief.

I’ve no problems with passing on the numbers and details of dodgy clients and warning other guys of potential hoax outcalls but telling them how to steal the thunder from beneath my feet is just employment suicide.  What incentive do I have ?  When you ignore the request or say no, you get a whole load of abuse, not all of the time I may add, some guys apologise and realise what a stupid thing it was to ask in the first place but some take it totally the wrong way.

I am not the only person tapped for this all the time.  It happens to other fellow escorts.  We’re all asked it at least a few times a month, every month. If you want to become an escort, fellow escorts will, without even thinking, agree to furnish you with dodgy numbers but very very few of us are going to hand over our little black book of clients.

A few bizarre examples over the last few months.

“Steve, if you want I could come to yours and join in for free for a few sessions with your clients to get the hang of it”

“Steve, I see you’re going away, you could divert your phone to mine and I could help out those clients”

“Steve, I need some cash so can I take your overflow work and give you some money back each time I see you”

I have no desire to be anyones mentor, hand over “overflow work” or divert my phone.

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