You’d Think I Was Leaving The Country Or Something !

Well I am ………….. so my men friends have been clambering over themselves to get a bit of the action before I whisk myself off to sunnier climbs.  I’ve had Mr Animalistic in today from the Animalistic Blog Post (you can find it on the right hand side navigation list), he’s a nice little regular, I think he fucked me in every position imaginable this afternoon.   He kept telling me I was a dirty slut who liked pleasure and pain.  There are worse ways to spend a Wednesday afternoon, I can tell you.  Yesterday was super busy and the weekend was non stop. I am not complaining mind.  You have to remember that when I take a fortnight off for a holiday, no one pays me.

Last week was busy as usual.  I seen a gentleman from the Punterchat forum.  We’ve been trying to meet for a few months, but his schedule didn’t fit mine, I was in London then Germany and when we finally agreed and sorted out a clear week in February, the only day that fit his itinerary was one where I had an incall overnight booked in.  Having spoken and interacted with him on an anonymous level on an online forum, I was just a little bit nervous.  Everything was fine on the day and a good time was had by all.  I told him that I was noted for giving the best blow job of any escort (male or female) in Newcastle and he got to sample those delights, as well as many others and yes it was reaffirmed by the sounds he made.  I give the best blow job in Newcastle.  I am expecting a review from him too.  I love getting genuine feedback.

Last Wednesday, I met quite possibly one of the best new men of 2015.  A very smart, well spoken guy turned up at my door, who I know reads this blog.  He arrived bang on time, with an fabulous bottle of red wine in tow and knew exactly what he wanted.  It was his first time with a guy and yes I know that the newbies all say that but I felt it was genuine on this occasion.  Sometimes, when they’re new like this, you have awkward silences and moments, you have to try and second guess what to do next……………………….no not in this case……………………no encouragement was needed or required.  This man was full on in a sensual, sexual way and we did everything he asked for and more.  It’s not often that married men types make a beeline for your arse and rim you out for about 20 minutes but this was no ordinary married man type.  He put his whole heart and soul into the hour (well over the hour too but he was fab sex) and we were both completely spent at the end.  He had a fabulous body and a rock hard cock that stood to attention for the entire hour.  It never went down once from what seemed to be “natural excitement”.  This wasn’t a viagra popping 40 something guy, he was just very turned on and super horny.

I don’t mind being super busy in the run up to my holiday, I am going to have ten days rest when I arrive at my destination and I never have sex with anyone when I go on holiday.  I travel abroad for a rest and to have five minutes to myself.  I don’t go there to meet men and go off with them for the price of a few drinks.  Working girls and boys have a lot of respect for themselves.  We might be a slapper in the bedroom when we are with you but when we’re away from home, we look forward to five minutes rest and time to ourselves.  Many escorts work three or four days a week with a few regular days off but I work every day and have time off in blocks of seven to ten days when I go on holiday, it’s my own personal “me time”.  I will still be posting on twitter and I might even do a blog post when I am sat around, mid afternoon with a gin and tonic but it’s still a rest from the phone going all day and the never ending nonsense timewaster text messages.

I have a busy 12 days ahead.  It will be a welcome break for me once I jump in the cab to the airport.  Still plenty of men to see first though and then I can relax over the Easter holidays.


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