Your Loss

23rd August 2011

You know……… I put with a lot in this work

I received a bizarre email from a guy this morning telling me that he had an escort friend who was looking for clients. When I first read it I thought it meant could I pass clients onto him (which I would never do) so I read it again.

It was for me to book his friend !!!!

I was rather taken aback and obviously said no. How strange to get a friend asking people if they’d like to be his friends client. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Anyway, as I said, I replied with no and that I was an escort. His reply – Your Loss !!!

My loss, I am a bloody escort, I am the one who advertises for clients not the other way around. If I wanted to book an escort I know exactly how to find one, I don’t need to receive unsolicited emails from guys offering the services of a friend.

This whole industry is built around discretion. I would never dream of emailing/texting or calling a guy and offering my services and I would never ask anyone to do it on my behalf.


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